Task Force Tips model # UEM-450-IFIF in line foam eductor shall be provided. The portable in
line foam eductor shall be constructed of corrosion resistant, hardcoat anodized aluminum alloy
with stainless steel components. The foam concentrate pickup tube shall be 36” in length and
constructed of 1" inside diameter, reinforced transparent tubing attached to a stainless steel
wand. A back-flush pushbutton control shall be provided for fast cleaning of the unit and all
controls shall be designed for use with gloved hands. The unit shall be covered by a five-year
The device shall be calibrated to proportion Class A or B foams in the following percentages:
0.25%, 0.50%, 1.0%, 3.0%, and 6.0%
The eductor shall be configured with a 1-1/2" female NPSH swivel coupling and 1-1/2" male
NPSH coupling and be rated for a 125 GPM (450 LPM) foam solution discharge at inlet pressure
of 250 psi (10 BAR).
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