Bronkhorst celebrates 25 year anniversary

Bronkhorst celebrates 25 year anniversary
Ruurlo, 3 October 2006
Bronkhorst celebrates 25 years of class in mass
This year Bronkhorst High-Tech is celebrating its 25-year anniversary. To commemorate these 25
years of successful entrepreneurship in mass flow measurement and control, a jubilee book has
been published that takes the reader on a journey through the history of this dynamic organisation.
On September 22nd the first issue of the book was presented to the mayor of Ruurlo-Berkelland,
the town where the headquarters of the company is located.
Bronkhorst High-Tech is the European market leader in thermal Mass Flow Meters/Controllers and
Electronic Pressure Controllers. With a wide range of precise and reliable instruments, Bronkhorst
High-Tech offers innovative solutions for many different applications in many different markets. The
instruments are manufactured to customer specifications, in various styles, and suitable for use in
laboratory, industrial environment, hazardous areas, semiconductor or analytical installations
amongst many others.
Bronkhorst High-Tech is a truly worldwide organisation with a total head-count now exceeding 250
employees and branch offices in France, The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland
and the USA. The company has also built up an extensive network of complimentary distributors
and service stations across the rest of the world. Customer satisfaction, innovation, continuity and
quality of product and service have been the cornerstones of Bronkhorst High-Tech’s success. In
1987 the company obtained the Koning Willem I Award for young successful enterprise and in
1992 the company was accredited to ISO 9001 with ISO 14001 (for environmental management)
following three years later. Two more highlights were the visit by Queen Beatrix in 2004 and the
royal decoration of both founders, Mr. Teus Bruggeman and Mr. Wybren Jouwsma, in 2005.
For more information contact:
Nijverheidsstraat 1a
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 573 458800
Fax: +31 573 458808
E-mail: [email protected]
l.t.r. Mrs. and Mr. Bruggeman,
Mrs. and Mr. Jouwsma
BRONKHORST HIGH-TECH BV Nijverheidsstraat 1a, NL-7261 AK Ruurlo The Netherlands
T +31 573 45 88 00 F +31 573 45 88 08 I E [email protected]
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