NEC General Programming Codes
Automatic Callback
Automatic Callback Answer
Automatic Redial-Off Premise
Busy Extension Number, 0
Lift Handset/Speaker
Place Call, (if NA/Busy ) Feature, Redial
Background Music
Feature, 26
Call Forward to Extension
Call Forward to Voice Mail
Call Forward-Off Premise
Call Forward Cancel
Feature, 60, Extension Number, Feature
Feature, 60, 250, Feature
Feature, 60, 9, Number, Feature
Feature, 69, Feature
Call Park Retrieve
Call Park Set
Lift Handset/Speaker, 4#, Location (0-9)
Transfer, 4*, Location (0-9), Hangup
Call Pickup
Call Pickup-All Calls
Call Pickup-Night Call
Lift Handset/Speaker, 67, Extension Number of Ringing Set
Lift Handset/Speaker, 68
Lift Handset/Speaker, 69
Callback Request
Callback Request Answer
Busy Extension Number, #
Lift Handset/Speaker, #
Place Call, Conference, 2nd Call, Conference
Customized Message
Feature, 70 (* to scroll, # to select ), Dial Return Date & Time, Feature
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb-Cancel
Feature, 60, Feature
Feature, 69, Feature
Exclusive Hold
Non-Exclusive Hold
Feature Hold
Last Number Redial
Redial, *
Microphone Control/Mute
Feature, 1
Page All-External
Page All-Internal
Page All-Internal & External
Lift Handset/Speaker, 55
Lift Handset/Speaker, 51
Lift Handset/Speaker, 59
Resetting Feature LED
Feature, 99, Feature
Ring Volume
Speaker, 601
With Call In Progress... Feature, 9, Hangup
Lift Handset/Speaker, Redial, #
Feature, 7, Dial Number, Feature
Lift Handset/Speaker, Redial, #
Station Speed Dial
System Speed Dial
Redial, Bin Number (80-99 )
Redial, Bin Number (00-79 )
Tone Burst/Ring Toggle
Dial Extension Number, 1
Transfer to Another Ext:
Tranfer to Voice Mail
Place or Receive Call, Transfer, Extension Number, Hangup
Place or Receive Call, Transfer, Extension Number, 7, Hangup
Voice Mail-Bypass Greeting
Voice Mail General Ext: #
Voice Over
Whisper Page
Dial Extension Number, 6
Feature, 65
Speed Dial Intercom Keys
Speed Dial Outside Key
System Speed Dial
Station Speed Dial
Feature, Redial, Press Button, 1, Extension Number, Feature
Feature, Redial, Press Button, 0, 9, Number, Feature
Feature, Redial, Bin Number (00-79), 9, Number, Hold, Enter Name, Feature
Feature, Redial, Bin Number (80-99), 9, Number, Hold, Enter Name, Feature
These codes are based on standard programming; access codes & features may vary based on your particular system.
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