PS Scout Quickstart Guide

PS Scout Quickstart Guide
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Scout PS-Series Quick Start Guide
LED Tasklight
Display Brightness/
(Tasklight On/Off
when Camera in off state)
2× Zoom/
Freeze Frame
White hot/
Black hot/
Power Button – The Scout PS-Series camera has three power
On, Off, and Auto Shutdown.
• On - Takes approximately 4 seconds (during bootup the FLIR
splash screen is shown on the eyepiece display).
• Off - Push the power button to turn the camera off.
• Auto Shutdown - If no buttons are pushed for about five
minutes, Auto shutdown 30s, is shown in the display and after
counting down for 30 seconds the camera will turn off.
Display Brightness – Toggle through five brightness settings. If
camera is Off, this button, when held on, turns on the LED Tasklight.
White/Black Hot/Instalert – In White Hot, hotter items appear
as white or light grey. In the Black Hot, hotter items appear as black
or dark grey. In Instalert, hot items in a scene are highlighted in red.
2× Zoom—PS32 only - Causes the image to zoom to 2X.
Freeze Frame—PS24 only - Single frame may be inspected closely.
Diopter Controls – The diopter adjustment knob allows you to
adjust the eyepiece for the best focus.
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Charging the Camera
To assure proper charging, Scout PS-Series cameras should be
turned OFF throughout the charging cycle. Charging MUST only
be done when the camera is at temperatures from
0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F) or battery damage may occur.
The battery in the camera
should be fully charged prior to
To charge the camera, lift the
cover from the USB port, plug
in the USB cable provided with
the camera, and also plug it
into a USB power source.
Charging Indicator
• When charging correctly,
the charging indicator will
be lit yellow.
• When fully charged, the
charging indicator will light
solid green. The initial
charge time is
approximately 4 hours.
Battery Status Indicator
While the camera is On, a
battery status indicator is
always shown in the corner of
the display image. This
indicator provides an
estimation of the remaining
battery charge.
Diopter Controls
The diopter adjustment lever
allows you to adjust for optimum
image sharpness in the eyepiece.
When the diopter adjustment
lever is pointing straight away
from the front of the camera, it is
in the neutral position.
Adjust the diopter setting for the
sharpest image in the viewfinder.
431-PS00-00-QS Rev 110 sheet 2
full charge
half charge
plugged in
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