BIT-1010A Manual

BIT-1010A Manual
MHL Bias-T and Amplifier Mounting Board Setup Guide
Packing List
Two 20 dB Attenuators
Two SMB-SMB Cables
One Bias-T and Amplifiers Mounting Board
This Guide
Two Data Sheets of the Amplifiers
Figure 1 Content of the packet
Figure 2: Schematic after the installation
1. Connect the Bias-T DC outputs to the SMB connectors on the board using the two SMBSMB cables
2. Connect the two 20 dB attenuators to the input of the amplifiers
3. Connect the output of the AWG (Channel 1 Normal, and Channel 2 Normal) to the 20 dB
Attenuators using two matched SMA cables
4. Connect the DC/AC Outputs of the Bias-T to the fixtures using two SMA-SMA cables.
5. Connect the power cords for the amplifier to a 2 channel power supply (Warning: Make sure
the black connector is connected before the second blue channel -, otherwise the amplifier
may be damaged).
1. Red to first Channel +
2. Black to first Channel 3. Black to second Channel +
4. Blue to second Channel 6. Connect the power cords for the Bias-Ts to a programmable one channel power supply
1. Red to Channel +
2. Black to Channel The amplifier needs 8V and -5 V as supply voltage
The Bias-Ts need about 3.3 V (needs to be controlled by the Test Automation Software).
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