Code of Conduct Condensed Version Attendance Policies and Procedures

Code of Conduct Condensed Version Attendance Policies and Procedures
Code of Conduct
Condensed Version
Attendance Policies and Procedures
Students are expected to attend all classes to ensure academic success. All students are asked
to adhere to the following procedures:
ABSENCE REPORTING - Message Line is available 24/7 at 705-268-4501.
Students who will be absent for the day are asked to have their parent/guardian call the school
BEFORE the beginning of the school day. Alternatively, the parent/guardian may provide a
written note to explain the absence. This note must be given to the attendance secretary, who
will then issue an admit-to-class slip. Parents will be notified daily by an automated message
system when a student is absent from one or more classes.
Students who arrive late to class must report to the Attendance secretary for an admit-to-class
slip. Teachers will provide consequences for lateness which may include lunch and after-school
detentions. In keeping with the school’s progressive discipline policy, chronic tardiness will be
reported to Administration. Further consequences will be determined at this point.
This should occur only because of illness, medical appointment or emergency:
Medical/Dental appointments - students must notify the attendance office before
8:45 a.m. and present a note verifying the appointment.
Illness or emergency – students must report to the attendance secretary so that a
parent/guardian may be contacted. Students who do not report to the attendance
office before leaving school will be marked truant.
An absence which was not reported by a parent/guardian and has not been supported by a note
from a parent within 3 school days will be recorded as a truancy. The school may require a
medical note for extended absences from school for all students under the age of 18.
In keeping with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, calls will be
made home to the student, to report absences or truancies for students 18 or over. According
to the act, the student is viewed as an adult and, as such, correspondence regarding academic
progress, attendance etc. must be directed to the student. Students over 18 who have extended
absences are required to provide the school with a doctor’s note to cover absences or risk
withdrawal for non-attendance - truancy.
Requests to withdraw students during final evaluation periods for reasons other than illness will
be denied. Extenuating circumstances may result in students completing their final evaluations
AFTER the scheduled final evaluation time frame. Students who choose not to write a final
evaluation may lose the opportunity to repeat the course in the next semester. Students must
complete the final evaluation to qualify for summer school. Placement consideration will be given
to those who are registered in the course for the first time and those who completed the course
but were unsuccessful. Note: A doctor’s note will be required for missed final evaluations.
1 | P a g e Code of Conduct – Condensed Version‐ September 2013 LEAVING SCHOOL GROUNDS
Students with unassigned time must sign out with the attendance secretary in order for them to
leave the school. Students who have signed out must conduct themselves in accordance with the
code of conduct.
Athletes are charged a team fee for each sport played. This fee helps defray cost of league fees,
transportation, officials and uniform depreciation. The initial cost is $30.00 which includes the
Athletic Banquet. Subsequent teams are $30.00 each to a maximum of $90.00. Some teams
may choose to buy spirit wear, or attend additional tournaments which will increase team fees.
Team uniforms are distributed by the coaches. Uniforms must be returned on time, cleaned and
in good repair at the end of the sport season. Parents are responsible for the replacement cost
of any uniform piece that is not returned. Once a commitment to participate is made, students
are expected to attend all scheduled practices, games, and meetings.
Damages done to laptop either intentionally or unintentionally will result in a fee to address the
issue. Once payment is received by the school, a temporary laptop will be issued to the student
until his/her laptop is fixed.
A locker is assigned to you when you begin your schooling at O’Gorman High and will remain
your locker for the school year. A student who occupies a locker not assigned to him/her will
have the lock removed and locker contents held at the office. If held items are not claimed by a
student within 10 days, they will be disposed of.
Lockers are locked with OHS Locks. Only OHS supplied locks may be used (any other lock will
be removed). A lock/locker usage fee is part of the activity fee. The lock combination will be
provided at the time of initial registration. Do not share your combination with anyone. If you
experience difficulty with your lock or locker, please report the problem to the Main Office.
Students must carry all materials for the morning or afternoon classes to avoid having to return
to lockers between classes. Please keep your locker neat and clean. Do not allow old lunches and
junk to pile up. There will be periodic designated times throughout the year for locker clean out.
Graffiti and markings on lockers and/or locker doors are NOT permitted. Students will be
charged a fee if cleaning or repairing is needed. In addition, locker decorations are to be school
appropriate – no drugs, drug paraphernalia, nudity, crude or offensive images or words will be
NOTE: Sizeable amounts of money should be brought to the office for safekeeping. Money
should not be left in lockers, dressing rooms or classrooms. Handbags should be left stored in
locked lockers.
2 | P a g e Code of Conduct – Condensed Version‐ September 2013 Opening Exercises
Each day begins with the national anthem and a morning prayer. Students are asked to stand
and remain quiet during these opening exercises in both the hallways and classrooms.
Announcements are displayed throughout the day on TV monitors located in the common area
and the cafeteria.
All students are expected to be in first period and be in proper uniform at 8:55am.
The Ministry of Education and the NCDSB have adopted a Smoke-Free Environment policy. Our
school community is focused on healthy lifestyle choices and we encourage students not to
smoke. Smoking cigarettes and/or chewing tobacco are not allowed anywhere in O’Gorman High
or on the surrounding campus, including the parking lot. Students will not be permitted to smoke
in cars. Although we do not condone smoking we find it necessary to provide a safe, supervised
area for students who choose to smoke; therefore, students are reminded that this activity can
only take place in the designated smoking areas at the front of the school (on the side walk, east
of the cedar trees or on the side walk, west of the no parking sign).
Students will not be permitted in the smoking area during or between classes.
Students violating the smoking policy may be suspended.
Music Devices
MP3, i-pods, touch phones and other devices used to listen to music are NOT permitted in the
classroom. If you choose to bring such items, they are to be kept in your locker.
If a student is seen in the classroom with a music device, the student will be sent to the office
with the device. The student’s name is recorded and the device will be returned at the end of the
day. The second time the student is sent to the office, the Administrator will keep the device
until a parent/guardian is able to pick it up. After the third time, a student will receive a
detention. Continued non compliance with this expectation may lead to suspension.
Telephone, Cell Phones, Messages, Electronic Devices
Electronic devices are not to be used during the school day. They are only allowed to be used in
the cafeteria at lunch or on a spare period. They are disruptive to classes and may constitute
an invasion of privacy to other students and staff. They are to be out of sight and turned off.
O’Gorman High School cannot assume any liability for lost or stolen electronic devices.
If a students’ cell phone is seen in the classroom, the student will be sent to the office with the
cell phone. The students name is recorded and the cell phone is returned at the end of the day.
The second time the student is sent to the office, the Administrator will keep the cell phone until
3 | P a g e Code of Conduct – Condensed Version‐ September 2013 a parent/guardian is able to pick it up. After the third time, a student will receive a detention.
Continued non compliance with this expectation may lead to suspension.
Pay phones for student use are provided in the main and gym entrances. For emergency
situations, messages for students will be accepted at the main office or attendance.
Parents/guardians are asked not to telephone or text message students during school hours.
Co-Curricular Activities
All co-curricular activities are intended to enrich the education of the individual student. With the
pursuit of excellence in these activities, students also enhance the reputation of the school and,
through their effort and dedication, benefit all members of the school community.
CODE OF CONDUCT When deciding to participate in these activities, students agree to meet
the following standards as representatives of our school:
a) Students first commitment is to their studies. Eligibility for co-curricular activities is
dependent on a student’s effort to be successful in all courses.
b) Students may not participate in a co-curricular activity on a day when they have an
unexplained absence from any class. Students who miss more than a half day due to
illness may not participate in a co-curricular activity on that day. Chronic absenteeism
could result in students being denied the opportunity to participate in co-curricular
c) Once a commitment to participate is made, students are expected to attend all scheduled
practices, games, and meetings. Failure to do so may result in being denied
participation in any club or team for a period of one year from the time of the
infraction. Students who quit or are removed from a team have 5 days to appeal
the one year athletic suspension.
d) Regardless of the outcomes, students who participate in competitive activities are
expected to show respect for all officials, coaches, teachers, spectators, or opponents
from any school, and for the rules of the game or activity in which they participate. We
expect that students who represent O’Gorman High in co-curricular activities will be a
source of pride to the school and to themselves. Actions or activities which detract from
this premise, such as belittling opponents by word or deed, are expressly prohibited and
will be consequenced.
e) Students who attend games or activities as representatives of a school team or club are
expected to travel in their school or team uniform. This applies to events during, before
and after school hours. A different procedure will be implemented for longer trips.
f) Students who visit other schools and travel to and from activities are expected by their
conduct and language to model the same behaviours which are expected in our own
g) Students who participate in co-curricular activities are required to have a Student Activity
card and are expected to present it when signing up.
h) No student is allowed to miss class in order to be a spectator of a game. The only
exception to this rule will be special spirit days.
All students are expected to be in uniform at all times from 8:45 am until 3:06 pm while in the
school building and library. The uniform is to be worn on field trips unless specified otherwise.
4 | P a g e Code of Conduct – Condensed Version‐ September 2013 School Administration reserves the right to send students home whose dress is not in keeping
with these guidelines and may result in disciplinary action.
The OHS uniform is supplied by Top Marks and is purchased by calling 1-800-667-7105 or online
at Only uniform items sold by Top Marks are permissible.
All Uniform Items are not to be altered in any way stylistically. For example, pants, capris or
shorts are not to be shortened, rolled or made narrower by adjusting the seams. All pieces must
be in good repair.
All non-uniform clothing must remain in your locker. Headwear of any kind, wristbands,
excessive jewellery, scarves and accessories are not to be worn.
No underwear or camisoles should be showing at any time. Only uniform blouses or white tshirts are allowed beneath school uniform sweaters. Uniform pants are to be worn at the waist
at all times. Repeated non compliance will result in office detentions or in the student being sent
home to change.
Physical Education Uniforms
All physical education students are required to wear a uniform that consists of:
A grey O’Gorman Athletic Uniform T-Shirt
A pair of green O’Gorman Athletic shorts
Athletic socks
Proper running shoes (non-marking soles or platforms)
Uniforms will be purchased from the Physical Education Teacher within the first 2 weeks of a
Cost T-Shirts $15 each
$20 each
Sweatshirts or loose-fitting jackets and track pants worn over shorts are recommended for cooler
days and outside activities. It is recommended that all students bring a towel to shower after
Students not having proper uniform will need to borrow a spare uniform from the Phys. Ed.
Office. Persistent neglect of duty will result in contact with home and administration in order to
assist the student with this matter.
Right to Search Students
The Supreme Court concludes that “A search by school officials of a student under their authority
may be undertaken if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a school rule has been
violated, and the evidence of the violation will be found in the location or on the person of the
student. These grounds may well be provided by information received from just one student that
the school authority considers credible”.
5 | P a g e Code of Conduct – Condensed Version‐ September 2013 The right to search extends to student lockers and student cars parked on school
O’Gorman Student Organization
Where Knights Dare ... to Make a Difference
OSO Advisors – Mrs. Claveau, Mrs. Maxwell, Mr. Berthier, & Mr. Gadzala
Vice President
Social Director
Assistant Social
Grade 12 Rep
Grade 11 Rep
Grade 10 Reps
Student Trustee
Taylor Parisi
T. J. Lebrun
Kate Fergusson
Sahir Nagi
Hannah Toffanello
Michaela Beach
Christine Ryner
Samantha Hutteri & Nikki St. Clair
Erin Cartan
Brett Andrews
Kali Dupius & Kyle Lacourse
Michaela Pollon
The Student Council is organized by a constitution for the purpose of sponsoring and financing
co-curricular activities. The Student Council consists of an executive and committee
School is much more than a place where academics are studied between 8:55 a.m. and 3:06
p.m. All students should give consideration to the many activities, clubs, intramurals,
committees, and sports which are offered. New activities and clubs are always welcomed; please
see any of the O.S.O members for information regarding joining or starting an activity. Be sure
to get involved!
Student Activity Fee and Student Card
The Student Activity Fee for the school year will be $60.00, which includes a yearbook. The fee is
non-refundable two (2) weeks after registration date. Please keep your receipt as proof of
Student cards are issued in late September to students who have paid their fees.
6 | P a g e Code of Conduct – Condensed Version‐ September 2013 Student cards are required for participation in co-curricular activities with the card being the only
acceptable proof of payment. Students who do not pay this fee lose the opportunity to
participate in extra-curricular activities e.g. teams, dances, clubs, etc., which are supported by
monies from the student activity fees, but extra-curricular in nature. This is an important piece
of photo identification which can be used for other community based purposes, and should be
kept with you at all times.
7 | P a g e Code of Conduct – Condensed Version‐ September 2013 
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