JUNE 8, 2004
Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 9:01 a.m. by Chairperson Wesley E. Johnson.
Pledge of Allegiance – The flag salute was led by the Chairperson.
Roll Call – Present: Cmmr. Dist. 1 – Herb Baze; Cmmr. Dist. 2 – Wesley E. Johnson; Absent: Cmmr. Dist. 3 –
Jayni L. Kamin attending an Economic Summit Conference.
Approval of Minutes – Cmmr. Baze/Johnson moved and seconded to approve the regular meeting minutes
of May 25 and June 1, 2004 and briefing minutes of June 1, 2004. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye;
J-aye; K-absent.
Board’s Calendar for week of June 8 - 15
Correspondence and Organizational Business
6.1 Correspondence
Washington Corrections Center (WCC) invited the County Commissioners to attend their Public
Safety Partnership Day, June 30, 2004 at the WCC.
Washington Economic Development Association requested the Board’s input on their draft
strategic plan and dues structure.
Raymond E. Hite thanked the Board for correcting the problem with Wilchar Boulevard.
Comcast announced they would be implementing changes to their equipment charge and
services effective on or after July 1, 2004.
A letter was received from Alpine Custom Buildings recognizing the following employees:
Charrel Holcomb, Jenny Nickerson, Michael Grohs and Trish Woolett as exceptional
A letter of thanks was received from Ron & Linda Porter regarding the open letter to the Shelton
Memorial Park and positive steps to improve the Shelton Memorial Park.
The Board was invited to attend an Open House on the Olympic Highway South Pedestrian Path
Improvement Project on Tuesday, June 8, 2004 at the Shelton Civic Center.
The Shelton Historic Preservation Board voiced their strong support for the preservation and
rehabilitation of the Shelton Gymnasium Building.
Comcast also gave notification that changes are being made to their channel lineup effective
July 7, 2004.
6.2 Press Release – Planning Advisory Commission – The Board announced that applicants are being sought
to fill two positions which will be vacant after July 31, 2004. Applicants from Commissioner District #2
are encouraged to apply. Applications are being accepted until July 9, 2004.
6.3 Press Release – Mason County Cleans Up. Debbie Riley, Environmental Health Manager, announced
that the Solid Waste Program has resolved 49 cases in the first three months of this year to clean up some
unsightly properties in Mason County. Solid waste violations ranged from household garbage to hulk
vehicles to piles of tires or other debris. The violations have occurred up to four years and also have
moved to the Hearings Examiner process.
Open Forum for Citizen Input - None
Adoption of Agenda – Cmmr. Baze/Johnson moved and seconded to adopt the agenda as presented.
Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; J-aye; K-absent.
Approval of Consent Agenda:
9.1 Approval to appoint Nicholas Patterson to the Civil Service Commission to complete a vacated term that
will expire in December 2005.
JUNE 8, 2004 - PAGE 2
Approval of Warrants
Salary Clearing Fund
Claims Clearing Fund
No objection to the special occasion liquor license for: North Mason Rotary; Date: August 14, 2004;
Time: 10 am – 5 p.m.; Place: Enclosed Area, Clifton Lane, Old Belfair Highway, Belfair
Approval to set a public hearing on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 at 9:30 a.m. to consider revising the Mason
County Development Regulations for the Allyn Urban Growth Area.
Approval of a resolution approving the transfer of budgetary funds in the 2004 budget for the Auditor’s
Office between salary and benefit line items to meet staffing requirements. This is within the existing
expenditure budget. Resolution No. 47A-04 (Exhibit A)
Approval of a resolution setting a public hearing to consider a supplemental appropriation to the 2004
budget for the Current Expense Fund for the Reserve for Accrued Leave Fund. Resolution No. 48-04
(Exhibit B)
Approval of an ordinance amending Mason County Code Section 9.04.170(h) and Section 9.04.260 (1)
and (b), Motorboat Ordinance, to be consistent with the Washington State Parks guidelines pertaining to
divers. Ordinance No. 49-04 (Exhibit C)
Approval to appoint the following to the Belfair-SR3 Special Road Project Advisory Committee: Robert
Hagar, Brian Peterson, Don Atkinson, Bob Harris, Jack Johnson, Pat McCullough, Ted Smethers, Phil
Wolff, Fred Barrett, and Ken Wilson.
Cmmr. Baze/Johnson moved and seconded to approve the consent agenda Item 9.1 – 9.8 as
presented. Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; J-aye; K-absent.
The Board recessed at 9:21 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.
10. 9:30 a.m. Public Hearings and Items Set for a Certain Time
10.1 Public hearing to review proposed new development standards contained in the Mason County
Development Regulations, Resource Ordinance, and Development Code; topics under consideration
Definition of appurtenant structures; public notice provisions; process for removal of drainage and utility
easements; time limit for action on permits and use approvals; minimum front yard setback standard for
county; increase in the size of approved accessory dwelling units; and changes in the Development
Regulations and Resource Ordinance to provide a consistent development review process.
Allan Borden, Planner, reported that the Mason County Planning Advisory Commission recommended
adoption of the proposed amendments.
One of the staff from Department of Public Works would like the Board to continue the decision on the
section (15.03.060 Process to Remove Utility and Drainage Easements) until next week to give them an
opportunity to look at the regulations and how this process effects review by Public Works.
Proposed changes are:
Add public participation and notice provisions of RCW 36.70A.035 to Title 15 Section 15.07
Public Notice Requirements.
Prepare standard process in Title 15 for plat alteration by requests for removal of drainage and
utility easements.
Time limit of action on permits and approvals needs to be included in Title 15 standards
Prepare development review process for Resource Ordinance and Development Regulations that is
consistent with Title 15 standards.
Changes to the DR to state that a minimum front yard setback exists in all areas of the County.
JUNE 8, 2004 - PAGE 3
Change in accessory dwelling unit standards in the DR to allow the same size dwelling as
permitted in the Shoreline Master Program.
The term appurtenant structures should be added to definition of residential development in the
Resource Ordinance and Development Regulations.
Mr. Borden stated that there is proposed revisions of new text on time limit for actions. Currently, there
is no expiration date for many of the decisions made by the Hearings Examiner. The exception is the
shoreline permits. Under the Shoreline Master Program, a project which is approved must be started
within two years and can be extended for one additional year. The same provision is added in the
Development Code
Cmmr. Johnson asked if it could be extended one year at a time after the first two years.
Mr. Borden responded that the project should, as much as possible, be completed within five years of
They are trying to make the development standards all consistent and Title 15 would become the review
process for permits. The Development Regulations, Resource Ordinance and Shoreline Master Program
would become sets of standards for whatever permit is being applied for. There is a lot of redundant
information which is being deleted from the documents. Wherever possible, there is a cross-reference for
Title 15 for the appropriate section.
In the Resource Ordinance it was necessary to update references to the Board of County Commissioners
as Hearings Examiner in some cases where that was relevant.
A new proposed regulation has to do with buffer and landscape requirements. Currently, there is not a
minimum front yard setback standard for the entire county. In the rural area, all the rural zones,
residential, commercial and industrial there is a front yard setback from roads or access. In the
Development Regulations there is a provision about buffers. They are a physical separation of distance
from the property line to the development. There is a standard to leave a certain distance and either
leave or plant vegetation along the perimeter of the property. Currently, there is not a reference to a
minimum front yard setback, in the buffer regulation. They have added it at the very end of the
development regulation on buffer and landscaping.
Currently, there is an accessory dwelling unit standard. The accessory dwelling unit requires a special
use permit and meet certain development standards. One of the standards calls for the size of the
dwelling unit to not exceed 50% of the square footage of the habitable area of the primary residence or
900 square feet, whichever is smaller. It is proposed to increase the 900 feet to 1,000 feet. This matches
up with the Shoreline Master Program standard and they wanted it to be consistent. They may modify
this in the future as the 50% square footage is a constraint.
The last proposal is to add the definition for “appurtenant structure.” This term is from the Shoreline
Master Program. Appurtenant structure is something associated with a single-family residence. It is a
structure such as a garage, deck, storage shed, woodshed, pumphouse, upland retaining wall, and fence.
They want to make sure that these are also considered in the development standards of setbacks as it is
not clearly stated.
Henry Minch stated that he would like to plead the case of his friend concerning the large amount of
nitrate in Hood Canal. He also presented it to the Lower Hood Canal Coordinating Council. He has
participated on advisory boards.
JUNE 8, 2004 - PAGE 4
Mason County has a unique area with Hood Canal. He has lived since 1987 on Hood Canal and watched
the continued degradation of the Canal. He is a retired professional engineering geologist and worked in
heavy construction for many years.
He stated that every individual that uses a septic system contributes 22 grams of nitrogen a day. When
that is calculated to take in the residences around Hood Canal it is a large amount of nitrogen going into
Hood Canal.
The Board acknowledged his concern and involvement in the community and that they would take this
issue to the Watershed Resource Inventory Area. They will be talking about dissolved oxygen in Hood
The County is currently involved in establishing a sewer system on Hood Canal.
The Board closed the public hearing.
It was recommended that the board continue Section 15.03.060 for one week to allow further review by
the Public Works Department.
Cmmr. Baze/Johnson moved and seconded that the Board of County Commissioners support the
recommendations of the Planning Advisory Commission and adopt Ordinance No. 50-04 that
approves the proposed amendments to the Mason County Development Regulations, Resource
Ordinance, and Development Code, as listed in the staff report by the Department of Community
Development, and move to have the chair sign the Findings of Fact for this decision, and remove
Section 15.03.060 from this process and continue to next Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 9:30 a.m.
Motion carried unanimously. B-aye; J-aye; K-absent. Ordinance No. 50-04 (Exhibit D)
11. Other Business (Department Heads and Elected Officials) - None
12. Administration - None
13. Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.
Wesley E. Johnson, Chairperson
Absent 6/8/04
Jayni L. Kamin, Commissioner
Rebecca S. Rogers, Clerk of the Board
Herb Baze, Commissioner
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