Task Force Tips Blitzfire model # XX111A portable lightweight attack monitor shall be
The monitor shall include an integral safety shut off valve that will automatically shut down the
water flow in the event control of the monitor is lost. The water flow is controlled by a six
position detent, turbulence free slide valve. The detent flow control shall also function as the
reset for the safety shut off valve to resume water flow.
The water inlet shall pivot up and down to allow for stability on uneven surfaces. The discharge
has vertical elevation travel between 10 and 40 degrees above horizontal with a ball and socket
joint. The same ball and socket joint shall allow for horizontal adjustment of 20 degrees left and
right of center. The discharge outlet shall have a removable stream straightener.
The monitor shall have folding stabilization legs with carbide tips, which are concealed in the
carry and stow positions. An integral carrying handle that also functions as an attachment point
for the included anchor strap shall be provided. For corrosion resistance, the monitor shall be
constructed from hardcoat anodized aluminum alloy and have a blue powder coat interior and
exterior finish.
The monitor shall be configured with a 2-1/2" female NH swivel rocker lug coupling and 2-1/2"
male NH rigid outlet with a flow rating of 500 GPM. The unit shall be covered by a five-year
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