Campus Security and Access

Campus Security and Access
Procedure Manual
Campus Security and Access
Adoption Date:
September 11, 2012
Revision Date:
October 13, 2015
Responsible Area:
Responsible Office: President’s Office
Policy Reference:
34 Code of Federal Regulations Section 668.46(b)(3);
ACCJC Accreditation Standard III.B.1
During business hours, the District, excluding housing facilities, will be open to students,
parents, employees, contractors, guests, and invitees. During non-business hours access to all
District facilities is by key, if issued, or by admittance via the Weed Police, Yreka Police, or
lodging staff. In the case of periods of extended closing, the District will admit only those with
prior written approval to all facilities.
Residence halls are secured 24 hours a day. Over extended breaks, the doors of all halls will be
secured around the clock, and will be equipped with a lock separate from the regular key issued
to resident students. Some facilities may have individual hours, which may vary at different
times of the year. In these cases, the facilities will be secured according to schedules developed
by the department responsible for the facility.
Emergencies may necessitate changes or alterations to any posted schedules. Areas that are
revealed as problematic will have regular periodic security surveys. Administrators from the
Student Services’ Office and other concerned areas review these results. These surveys examine
security issues such as landscaping, locks, alarms, lighting, and communications. Additionally,
during the academic year, the Director of Student Life and Maintenance staff shall meet to
discuss campus security and access issues of pressing concern.
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