Non-Stop Reading

Non-Stop Reading
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Non-Stop Reading
When reading in any language, it is important to read without stopping. This is a helpful way to
read, for many reasons:
Why read non-stop?
You learn from the context. The surrounding sentences and the ways the paragraphs
are structured will give you clues about the meaning of topics discussed, even if you do
not understand every word. If you keep on reading, you often find that you develop a
sense of what is being talked about.
You read more in the same amount of time. This will make your studying more
effective and more productive.
It will improve your written grammar - to write well, you need to read a lot. It is
difficult to get used to the language patterns and ways in which ideas are expressed in
English if you stop to check every word.
Reading faster makes it easier to understand what you have read. Many people think
that you have to read slowly to understand, but this is not true! If you read faster you can
build your understanding of the subject better because you are seeing the ideas in
relation to the whole text rather trying to understand one sentence at a time.
Learn to read non-stop:
First of all, try this on reading material which is not important - not study reading. Select
an easy novel or a magazine.
Try reading for ten minutes non-stop. Try this several times during a week or two. Once
you get used to this amount of reading, try gradually increasing the number of minutes
you spend reading non-stop. You could set a timer to help yourself keep track of the time.
When you don't understand a word, just continue. If it is important it will probably be
repeated. Each time you see it you will get more clues about what it means. If you really
want, you can look it up, but only after you have finished reading.
When you have finished reading, tell yourself out loud all that you remember of what you
read. Putting it into words will help you connect the ideas and help your understanding.
When you are used to reading non-stop you can try it on study reading material. Use it as
the "reading" stage of your study reading approach (PQRST).
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