Wildlife Contacts Result in Costly Power Outages for Government Facility

Wildlife Contacts Result in Costly Power Outages for Government Facility
Wildlife Contacts Result in Costly
Power Outages for Government Facility
Intermittent contact with tree limbs
and wildlife wreak havoc on electric
power distribution systems and their
components. A large Canadian
military facility was experiencing a
growing number of such occurrences
on their 12.47-kV lines, which were
resulting in nuisance power fuse
operations in the switchgear of their
44-kV substations. With over 40 years
of continuing service and support to
this customer, S&C was called upon to
implement a solution to this problem.
Working in conjunction with the
recloser manufacturer, S&C engineers
were able to offer a turnkey solution to
the customer. Following delivery of
the equipment to the site, S&C field
service specialists were dispatched to
Configuration and testing of the
reclosers were conducted according to
design standards. S&C supplied the
customer with the testing equipment
needed to facilitate future upkeep and
maintain proper system performance.
S&C conducted a detailed timecurrent coordination study of the
primary side of the downstream
transformers to the upstream fuses in
the switchgear—using CYMTCC for
Windows™, a commercially available computer program
distributed by S&C.
The study established that the installation of reclosers would
prevent transient faults from affecting the power fuses in the
switchgear but still allow proper operation of the fuses under
permanent fault conditions. Teaming with a premier
manufacturer of reclosers, S&C created the set of
specifications by which the reclosers were selected and
A testimony to the installation was
given recently by the customer, after
the flawless operation of the reclosers
during an event that would—prior to
the installation—have blown fuses at
the switchgear. On the heels of this
successful operation, the customer
requested that S&C conduct a study to
ascertain the feasibility of adding reclosers to another
substation. Based upon the results of that study, a decision
will be made with regard to a system-wide implementation
Because of S&C’s involvement, the customer is now
experiencing considerably fewer fuse operations, less
outages, and substantially increased service reliability.
Electrical requirements notwithstanding, the customer
mandated that the reclosers be mounted alongside the
existing switchgear in the substation. Since reclosers are
normally pole-top mounted, the desired mounting
arrangement presented a formidable engineering task.
Taking into consideration clearance, design, and coupling
issues, S&C’s team of experts was able to custom-design
an enclosure housing the reclosers, which would be
connected to the existing switchgear.
June 4, 2001
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