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Please make sure to keep this notice sheet in a place where it can be
easily read anytime along with the operation manual.
Regarding playback of BD video discs
Some of the newly released BD video discs cannot be played back unless you update
the player software to the latest version. Therefore, it may be required to update the
software of the player.
If a playback issue occurs, please contact the SHARP approved service centre. (See the
inside back cover of the operation manual.)
To enjoy BD-LIVE with this player
E BD-LIVE is a new feature of Blu-ray Disc that allows you to download and enjoy
movie trailers or bonus features by using the internet.
E Before using BD-LIVE with this player;
1 Connect this player to the internet.
Operation manual page 20
“Connecting to the ETHERNET terminal”
2 Perform the communication setting.
Operation manual pages 41–43
“Communication Setup”
3 Insert a USB memory device (2GB or greater) supporting USB 2.0 High Speed
to the BD STORAGE/SERVICE terminal (Operation manual page 12) on the
back of this player.
4 Prepare a BD-Video disc compatible with BD-LIVE.
Operation manual page 27
• The BD-LIVE operation methods and contents displayed vary depending on the programmes
provided through the internet. Operate by following the directions on the screen.
• The time required to download the provided programmes into the USB memory device
connected to this player varies depending on the internet connection speeds and the data
volume of the programmes.
• BD-LIVE programmes provided through the internet may not be able to display the connection
depending on the status (updating) of the provider. In such cases, take out the disc and try again.
• If the BD-LIVE screen does not appear for a while after you select the BD-LIVE function in the BD
disc menu, the USB memory device may not have enough free space. In such cases, eject the
disc from the player, and then erase the data in the USB memory device using the Data Erase
menu in the “USB Memory Management” menu. (See the operation manual on page 44.)
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