CT PROformance Combitherm Brochure
CT PROformance ™
F i r e
W a t e r
A i r
The CT PROformance™ Combitherm® Oven provides complete control over the
elements of fire, water and air for the highest quality food.
Engineered with a commitment to foodservice innovation, the CT PROformance
offers unprecedented performance in the industry. Execute every menu, from basic
to complex, with flawless precision and consistency … faster than ever before.
Time saved cooking with a CT PROformance means more effective use of labor and a
more profitable operation.
Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the CT PROformance is the ideal
solution for:
bb Restaurants
bb Quick service restaurants
bb Fast food chains
bb Hotels
bb Hospitals
bb Schools
bb Supermarkets
bb Colleges and universities
bb Clubs and resorts
bb Any foodservice operation seeking to enhance food quality and performance
reliability while reducing kitchen space needs and labor costs.
M A S T E R the E L E M E N T S
One oven.
Endless possibilities.
The Alto-Shaam CT PROformance™ Combitherm® Oven is your all-in-one solution
for efficient and consistent volume food production. It combines multiple
cooking functions into a single appliance, providing endless versatility, reliability
and unmatched performance in your kitchen.
Consider it as an alternative for the convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer,
smoker and dehydrator. Poach delicate salmon filets, or steam vegetables
without sacrificing quality and flavor. Cook potatoes, rice and pasta with
consistent and repeatable results. Combine steam and convection to roast
meats, fish or poultry with perfect results. Prepare sauces and casseroles in a
one-step process with less labor. Rethermalize and refresh quickly and safely in
a controlled and precise cooking environment. Keep baked and oven‑fried menu
items tender and moist inside, while crispy and golden brown on the outside.
up to 20% faster
than standard combi ovens.
up to 80% faster
than convection cooking.
Inside and out, the CT PROformance™ Combitherm Oven delivers a unique combination
of features — for a new standard of cooking performance.
Blazing speed
PROpower™* delivers an instant turbo boost of heat to accelerate production — up to 20% faster
than other combi ovens and up to 80% faster than convection technology — and provides rapid
temperature recovery.
Three power levels — Turbo, Eco and Reduced Power modes — increase control over recovery, cooking
times and food quality.
Expanded temperature range up to 575°F (302°C) shortens preheat times and recovery
between loads.
Unprecedented precision and quality
Absolute Humidity Control™ System helps you maximize food quality, texture and yield by selecting any
desired humidity level from 0–100%.
Auto reversing fan with five speed settings delivers balanced airflow for
ideal product browning, texture and finish.
Innovated safety
SafeVent™ (patent 7,282,674) automatically evacuates the oven cavity after
cooking to prevent burns to operators opening the oven door.
CoolTouch3™ safety door window uses triple-pane glass to keep heat
inside the oven and the door cool to the touch to safeguard employees.
*No-cost option on electric models.
LED illuminated door handle provides visual notification of the oven cooking status.
Designed for the needs of a busy kitchen, the LED door handle also allows for handsfree opening and closing. Larger roll-in units feature a single handle with dual latch
system with improved door seal.
Innovative Design features
Zero clearance design allows placement anywhere.
Zero clearance design lets you place the oven next to any piece of equipment anywhere
on your line — with a smaller footprint, saving valuable floor and hood space.
Detachable probe reduces downtime.
Detachable food probe minimizes
costly repairs and equipment
downtime. Optional multi-point
and sous vide probes available.
CombiHood PLUS™ is a completely self-contained
ventless hood that filters moisture and grease
from the oven cavity, allowing the oven to operate
without costly hood space. Approved and certified
by NSF/UL for all operating modes. (Local jurisdictional
approvals may be required.)
PROtouch ™ Control
Precise, programmable consistency
at your fingertips.
Shelf timer system programs individual
shelf times down to the second. Label
each by name or time.
HACCP data system records and stores
cooking modes, times and temperatures
indefinitely. Download data to a USB device
when it’s convenient for you.
The PROtouch control allows you to choose from two
cooking modes:
bb One-touch, programmed recipe mode
bb Professional cooking mode
Pre-Programmed Recipe Mode standardizes food
quality and ensures consistency no matter who is
cooking. Program multi-step recipes — identified
with your own graphics and stored in the memory —
with cook temperature, time, or probe temperature.
Further customize recipes by incorporating pre-heat
and cool-down steps, precise humidity control,
three power levels*, Delta-T cooking mode, moisture
injection, precise fan speed control, or individual
shelf timer settings.
Then, organize your recipes in folders or star them
as favorites for easy location later.
Professional Cooking Mode allows you to cook
utilizing all of the above functions without creating
a recipe. Set each function to your preference and
make adjustments as you cook.
The PROtouch control also features enhanced user
communications and diagnostics. And all cooking
activities are recorded for later download by the
USB-based HACCP system.
*PROpower™ level is available as a no cost option on electric models.
Intuitive control operating modes include
Professional and One-Touch recipe library functions.
Cleaning made simple, safe
and cost effective
Now it’s even easier to keep your CT PROformance™ Oven clean with
CombiClean Plus™, featuring “Quick Rinse” or automated cleaning cycle options
from “Light Clean” to “Heavy Soil.”
CombiClean Plus™ uses safe, convenient cleaning tablets or optional liquid cleanser.
PROrinse™ retractable rinse hose offers a water shut-off (patent pending) to prevent water
flow when the hose is not in the extended and locked position. The ergonomic high
efficiency spray head is front accessible and can be utilized without opening the oven door
Hot or cold smoke at the touch of a button —
without any flavor transfer.
Optional features for
greater versatility,
safety and convenience.
Alto-Shaam pioneered the first fully integrated smoking function in a combi oven and
continues the tradition today. The CombiSmoke® feature is built right into the cooking cavity
and lets you smoke any product, hot or cold, using real wood chips. The oven’s software
tightly controls the smoking function for perfect results every time. When you’re done, run a
quick rinse or cleaning cycle to eliminate all smoke residue to prevent flavor contamination
between cooking loads.
Retractable door recesses along the oven’s side and out of the way when open for more room
in tight kitchens.
Automatic Grease Collection System lets operators safely extract and dispose of hot grease.
(patent 8,997,730 B2)
40% more energy efficient.
60% higher production.
80% less water usage.
EcoSmart ® Technology.
Boosting energy efficiency by 40%
over conventional cooking technologies.
The CT PROformance™ Combitherm Oven boasts the highest energy efficiency in its
class in the industry, according to ratings by Pacific Gas & Electric and Energy Star.
Forty percent more energy efficient than conventional cooking technologies, it also
uses up to 80% less water and provides 60% greater production.
EcoSmart technology is proof of our commitment to help our customers drive down
ownership costs and protect the environment with energy-efficient, eco-friendly
products. You can be confident that the company you turn to for unsurpassed quality
also provides verifiable solutions that help you keep rising energy costs under control,
while minimizing environmental impact.
See model descriptions
at end of brochure for
specific approvals.
High-volume kitchen production
that’s smart, simple and streamlined.
CTP20-20E Combitherm® Oven
QC2-100 QuickChiller™
20-20MW Mobile Warmer
Only Alto-Shaam offers a fully integrated
rack management system solution.
With this system, your banquet kitchen can produce faster than servers can
deliver and present plates to the guests.
bb Cook, chill, retherm and hold using one cart.
bb Easy to use — roll in, roll out.
bb Use more efficiently to control and reduce labor costs.
bb Prepare items in advance and outside of peak production periods.
bb Enhance food quality and safety.
bb Deliver consistency and quality to thousands of guests in just minutes.
The last plate looks as good as the first.
Get more from your oven
with these essential accessories.
Multi-purpose oven stands
Save space and increase kitchen production by stacking appliances
on these heavy-duty, stationary or mobile stainless steel stands.
Roll-in carts (Rack Management System)
Interchangeable carts quickly transport multiple pans or plates from
the CT PROformance Combitherm to freestanding QuickChillers or
Halo Heat® CombiMate® holding cabinets.
Grilling grate and chicken roasting racks
Expand menu presentation by char grilling foods to perfection on the
grill grate. Position up to ten birds upright to ensure even browning
and simplified, safer food handling on the patented self-trussing
chicken rack.
Stacking combinations
Maximize floor space by going vertical when you select a combination
of tabletop CT PROformance Combitherm oven, Convection oven,
QuickChiller or Cook & Hold oven.
Marine construction
CT PROformance Combitherm ovens are easily modified to rugged
marine application standards.
Fry basket
Stainless steel oven frying basket helps deliver even browning, crisp
texture and thorough cooking.
Security device package
Factory-installed modifications include tamper-proof hardware to safeguard CT
PROformance Combitherm components used in high-security applications.
Multi-point or sous vide temperature probes
Four-point sensing ensures more precise measurement of internal temperatures.
Count on Alto-Shaam for culinary and sales support to provide
assistance with menu development, live demonstrations, ideas to
help manage food costs and post‑installation equipment training.
CT PROformance ™
Combitherm ® series
gas & electric model dimensions identical
Available in Boiler-Free Gas; Boiler-Free or Boiler Electric;
and CombiHood PLUS™ Ventless Hood Option (Electric only)
Perfect for smaller side items or specialty dishes, the
CTP6-10 Combitherm has the ability to steam, bake,
braise, roast, oven-fry and retherm your signature dishes
in a countertop design. Stack two together, or place it on
a stand or countertop for versatility and quality without
sacrificing space.
Product Capacity* 72 lb (33 kg)
Pan Capacity
Six (6) full-size or GN 1/1 pans
Six (6) half-size sheet pans
34-5/8" x 35-11/16" x 42-1/4"
(879 mm x 906 mm x 1072 mm)
Available in Boiler-Free Gas; Boiler-Free or Boiler Electric;
and CombiHood PLUS™ Ventless Hood Option (Electric only)
With the same power, consistency and precision as the rest
of our line, this oven is a narrower version of the
CTP10-20, allowing for placement in kitchens where space
is limited, but demand is high. Stack with another combi,
or place it on a stand for versatility and quality without
sacrificing space.
Product Capacity* 120 lb (54 kg)
Pan Capacity
Ten (10) full-size or GN 1/1 pans
Ten (10) half-size sheet pans
45-7/8" x 35-11/16" x 42-1/4"
(1165 mm x 906 mm x 1072 mm)
*Based on 4” (102 mm) deep pans.
†ENERGY STAR approved model
Pan Dimensions
Full-Size Steam Pans (GN 1/1): 20” x 12” x 2-1/2” (530 mm x 325 mm x 65 mm)
Half-Size Steam Pans (GN 1/2): 12” x 10” x 2-1/2” (325 mm x 265 mm x 65 mm)
CTP7-20 †
Available in Boiler-Free Gas; Boiler-Free or Boiler Electric;
and CombiHood PLUS™ Ventless Hood Option (Electric only)
Our most popular model and the industry standard, the
CTP7-20 Combitherm has the power and capacity to
keep up with even the busiest of kitchens. Perfect for
placement in high-production kitchens, this oven works
just as hard as you do. Stack two together, or place it on a
stand for versatility and quality without sacrificing space.
Product Capacity* 168 lb (76 kg)
Pan Capacity
Fourteen (14) full-size or GN 1/1 pans
Seven (7) full-size sheet pans
38-3/16" x 43-3/4" x 46-15/16"
(969 mm x 1111 mm x 1191 mm)
Available in Boiler-Free Gas† ; Boiler-Free or Boiler
Electric; and CombiHood PLUS™ Ventless Hood Option
(Electric only)
The CTP10-20 Combitherm is perfect for placement in
institutions like universities or schools where the demand
for quantity and quality is high. With the ability to steam,
braise, bake, roast, oven‑fry and retherm, this oven will
replace many of the expensive components currently
taking up valuable space in your kitchen, saving both
time and labor.
Product Capacity
240 lb (109 kg)
Pan Capacity
Twenty (20) full-size pans or GN 1/1 pans
Ten (10) full-size sheet pans
45-7/8" x 43-3/4" x 47"
(1165 mm x 1111 mm x 1192 mm)
Full-Size Sheet Pans:
18” x 26” x 1”
Half-Size Sheet Pans:
18” x 13” x 1”
Available in Boiler-Free Gas; Boiler-Free or Boiler Electric
The CTP20-10 is a roll-in model that provides high volume
production in limited hood space. It is compatible with the
Alto-Shaam integrated rack management system and is
perfect for cook/chill or banqueting retherm applications.
Product Capacity* 240 lb (109 kg)
Pan Capacity
Twenty (20) full-size pans or GN 1/1 pans
Twenty (20) half-size sheet pans
79-1/4" x 35-11/16" x 42-1/4"
(2012 mm x 906 mm x 1072 mm)
Available in Boiler-Free Gas; Boiler-Free or Boiler Electric
A key part of our fully integrated banqueting system,
the CTP20-20 Combitherm is equipped with a roll‑in
cart that allows you to cook food and then roll it into the
compatible Alto‑Shaam CombiMate® Mobile Warmer or
QuickChiller™. Then, when it is time for service, plate up
the meals and retherm them for quick, consistent results
without the worry of them drying out.
Product Capacity* 480 lb (218 kg)
Pan Capacity
Forty (40) full-size or GN 1/1 pans
Twenty (20) full-size sheet pans
79-1/4" x 43-3/4" x 47"
(2012 mm x 1111 mm x 1192 mm)
CT PROformance ™
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Stack CT PROformance ovens in a variety of combinations: over other
Combitherm® ovens, QuickChillers™, Halo Heat® Holding Cabinets and
Cook & Hold ovens, as well as Platinum Series Convection ovens.
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