NURIT 8400 Fact Sheet

NURIT 8400 Fact Sheet
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U nparalleled connectivity configurations
for diverse environments
B ackward compatibility with all NURIT
applications for investment protection
P CI PED approved; meets the latest
security standards
Remarkable Flexibility with
Secure Performance
The NURIT 8400 is a robust
communication options are
provides compatibility among
countertop payment device
available, including 14.4 kbps or
all NURIT devices for easy
with unparalleled flexibility. Its
56 kbps dial, LAN via Ethernet or
deployment and a smooth
configurable options make the
RS-485, and GPRS wireless
migration from non-PCI PED
NURIT 8400 easily adaptable to a
connectivity. Further, USB host/
payment systems. All NURIT
variety of environments and offer
client and additional RS-232 ports
applications can be quickly and
investment protection as retailers’
are available for unparalleled
easily ported to the NURIT 8400.
business needs change.
peripheral connectivity.
Ideally suited for small to
Its flexibility doesn’t stop there.
medium-sized retailers that need
Select either 3MB, 6MB, or up
technology and meets the most
a solid, long-lasting performer
to 12MB of memory for the
stringent security standards,
with enhanced security, the PCI
increasing memory needs for
including PCI PED and EMV
PED approved NURIT 8400 is
value-added applications. Also,
Level 1 and 2 Type Approvals.
The sophisticated NURIT 8400
is equipped with advanced
the countertop of choice. This
add a long-lasting internal battery
It incorporates a full range of
multifunctional payment device
for backup operation, or SAM and
encryption and key management
supports debit, credit, EMV and
SD/MMC sockets for enhanced
capabilities to meet acquirer
value-added applications, such as
security and memory. These
security requirements worldwide.
loyalty programs, gift cards,
can be easily upgraded or added
Plus, no other company knows
prepaid and other services.
– even after initial deployment.
payment security like VeriFone.
In addition to providing fast,
Its proven multi-application
secure payments, an array of
NURIT Operating System (NOS)
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NURIT 8400
Options and upgrades offer scalability for
additional capabilities
Adaptability and Security at Its Best
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Port Combinations
Fast 80 MHz, high-power 32-bit
RISC microprocessor
Standard modem/tel/pinpad/2xRS232
or modem/tel/pinpad/1xRS232/
Ethernet; additional multiple port
combinations are optional, including
USB-device and USB-host
6MB (4MB Flash, 2MB SRAM); optional
3MB (2MB Flash, 1MB SRAM) or 12MB
(8MB Flash, 4MB SRAM); optional
SD/MMC card
128 x 64 pixel backlit graphical LCD
display; multi-language font support
NURIT 8400
Adaptability and Security at Its Best
20-key ergonomic keypad;
secure internal PIN pad with
triple DES encryption
Magnetic Card Reader
Triple-track, vertical swipe,
bi-directional; ISO 7811;
high and low coercivity
Smart Card Reader (optional)
ISO 7816; 5V, 3V and 1.8V cards; T=0,
T=1, asynchronous, synchronous; EMV
2000 Level 1 approved
Ultra high-speed, thermal graphical
printer with easy-load paper
mechanism; 18 lines/second; 8 dots/
mm; 57 mm (2.35 in) wide paper
H 80.7 mm (3.2 in) x W 110 mm (4.3 in)
x D 232.5 mm (9.2 in)
Operating temperature: 0º to 50º C
(32º to 122º F); Storage: -20º to 60º C
(-4º to 140º F); Humidity: 5% to 95%
90-264VAC switching power adapter;
DC output 9VDC / 4A. Optional 2200
mAh Lithium-ion battery
SAM Sockets (optional)
2 or 4 SAM sockets
Communications Options
14.4 kbps modem (V.21/V.22bis/
V.23/V.23bis), up to 56 kbps
(V.34/V.92); HDLC, TCP/IP;
10BaseT Ethernet; GPRS
Features & Benefits
Unparalleled Flexibility and
Exceptional Security
& Dependability
NURIT Control Center
Streamlined Management
• Choice of communication options
– including high speed internal
dial modem, Ethernet LAN and
GPRS – available in different
configurations meet current and
future needs
• PCI PED approved for debit and
other PIN-based transactions
• Facilitates deployment and support
of a network of NURIT devices
• Designed to meet many regional
security standards
• Simple integration and
management of a wide range of
market-specific applications
• Easily accessible serial and optional
USB ports connect peripheral
devices and accessories
• Product options and upgrades
available as needed – even after
initial deployment – including SAM
and SD/MMC sockets and internal
Lithium-ion back-up battery
Multi-application Versatility
• Powerful multi-application NURIT
Operating System (NOS) provides
compatibility with all NURIT
applications for smooth migrations
and quick time to market
• Up to 12MB total memory to
support larger, more complex
value-added applications
• Secure internal PIN pad with Triple
DES encryption for data security
• EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Type
Approval reduces fraud and
increases cardholder confidence
• 32-bit processor for fast,
efficient processing
• Scalable, intuitive and easily
customized system
• Parameter and software download
over popular networks
• Deployment inventory and merchant
help desk management
• Bi-directional, triple-track
magnetic stripe card reader for
accurate swipes
• Large backlit display with multilanguage font support eases use
and readability
• Easy-load thermal printer prints at
18 lines per second for quick and
hassle-free receipts
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