pitaly ii
This manual will help you to properly use this Bluetooth stereo device.
For better handling it is desirable that you are already familiar with
bluetooth menu and use the same mobile phone. (See your phone
manual if necessary).
Safety rules:
• Please follow the instructions in this manual to ensure proper use
of the device.
• Be careful with the edges, uneven surfaces, metal parts, accessories
and its packaging so as to avoid any possible damage or injury.
• Do not modify, repair or disassemble this bluetooth device. Doing
so may cause fire, electric shock and breakage of the device, etc.
Everything described above is not covered under warranty.
• Do not use solvents or chemicals to clean the device.
• Do not use the device in hazardous locations.
pacKaGe conTenTs
• Pitaly II
• USB micro cable
• Manual.
paRTs of The DeVice
Volume Up / Down
Play /Pause
Forward / Backward
Micro USB Conecction
usinG piTalY ii
A. General Functions
On: Press the Play / Pause button for 3 seconds. The blue LED flashes
slowly and beep sounds.
Pairing Mode: With the device off, press the Play / Pause button for
six seconds. The LED flashes alternating between red and blue and
two beeps will be heard.
Linking the device: When in pairing mode (red and blue flashing
LEDs), enable Bluetooth phone and proceed to link them (details in
paragraph b).
Play / Pause: Press the Play / Pause button to play or pause playback.
Volume: To increase or decrease the volume, press the corresponding
key (+, -).
Previous / Next: To move to the next track or go to previous, press the
corresponding key (<>).
Off: Press the Play / Pause button for 3 seconds. The device will turn
off and beep sounds.
Low battery alarm: The LED flashes quickly.
Charging: Plug the cable / charger to the microUSB port. The red LED
will light.
Answering a call: Press the Play / Pause button for one second when
we are being called.
Ending a call: Press the Play / Pause button for one second to end
the call.
Transfer a call: Press the “-” button for two seconds to transfer the call
between the phone and the device.
Rejecting a call: Press the Play / Pause button for two seconds to
reject a call.
B. Linking the device to your phone
To use the Bluetooth stereo, you must first pair it with your phone
device. Once paired your phone will recognize it automatically, as long
as, is at the proper distance (10 meters at best, although it may vary
depending on the environment).
• To bind, activate the bluetooth function of your mobile phone.
• Turn on Bluetooth headset pairing mode (remember, being turned
off, press the Play / Pause button for 6 seconds until the red and blue
flashing LEDs).
• within the Bluetooth menu, search for devices on your phone (see
your phone manual if necessary).
• After a few seconds the Bluetooth devices found will appear. Select
“LC-8200” and follow the instructions on the screen him out.
• If you ask for a password or PIN, enter 0000.
• If everything went correctly you can now use the Bluetooth stereo
headset with your phone normally.
C. Charge
The device is charged via microUSB port built with a standard cable.
The initial charge should be 6 hours. While in charging the red LED
will be on. At the end of it, it will turn off.
Note: You must load the device if it has not been used in the past nine
Technical specifications
Bluetooth specification: 3.0 + EDR.
Supports A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.0, HFP 1.5, HSP 1.0. Bluetooth Profile
Operating range: 10 meters (varies depending on the environment).
Frequency Response: 80Hz - 20 kHz.
Speaker output: 10mW.
Signal / noise ratio:> = 80dB.
Distortion: <= 5.0%.
Play time: 8 hours.
Charging time: 2.5 hours.
Dimensions: 156.9 x 163.5 x 42 mm.
Weight: 120g.
The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions
in this document. Some features may vary from the printing of this
conTenu De l’emBallaGe
• Pitaly II
• câble micro USB
• Manuel.
• Pitaly II
• USB-Mikrokabel
• Manual.
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Volume Up / Down
Play /Pause
Atacante / De volta
Micro USB
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