Getting to know Bluetooth
Bluetooth wireless is a quick and easy way to connect a
smartphone to a speaker or a headset. There are basically
two steps to making Bluetooth work.
PAIRING: The two devices
get to know each other.
“Hi. I’m a
I’m a
devices do something
together (like play music).
This guide takes you through the steps to get started.
Step 1: Unpack
Make sure the following
items came in this package.
Your speaker
Step 2: Charge the HEX LIGHT
Before you start using the HEX LIGHT speaker for the first
time, it’s a good idea to charge it completely.
To charge the speaker:
Plug the included USB cable
into the DC IN jack on the
back of the speaker.
Plug the other end of the
USB charging cable into
a power source, like a
computer or a USB charging
Speaker back
The CHARGE indicator on the back of the speaker is red
while the speaker is charging. It turns green when the
speaker is fully charged.
Note: You can use the speaker while it’s charging.
Step 3: Turn on
Press and hold the POWER/
PAIR button on the top of the
speaker. The power up tone
sounds and the POWER/PAIR
button starts blinking.
After a few seconds, the
speaker goes to Bluetooth
pairing mode to set up with
your smartphone.
Step 4: Pair + Connect
Enable Bluetooth on your
smartphone or other device.
Wi-Fi Settings
Make sure the POWER/PAIR
button on the top of the
speaker is blinking rapidly. (If it
isn’t, give a short double-press
on the POWER/PAIR button.
The speaker gives an audio
Bluetooth Settings
VPN Settings
Speaker top
If you’ve previously paired your phone or other Bluetooth device with this
speaker, the speaker will automatically attempt to reconnect to that device
when you switch the speaker on. If you want to pair to a new device, give a
short double-press to the POWER/PAIR button. The speaker gives a signal
and the POWER/PAIR button starts blinking.
Choose 808 Hex Light from the pairing options on your
smartphone. (If it’s not in the list, choose “Scan” from your
phone’s Bluetooth menu.)
The speaker gives an audio signal when it’s finished pairing
and connecting to your smartphone. The POWER/PAIR
button turns solid blue.
Note: The process of enabling Bluetooth and connecting varies from device
to device. See your device’s owners manual for more information and specific
Bluetooth Wireless Connection Tips
•Make sure the Bluetooth capability of your device is turned on.
•Make sure there’s nothing plugged into the speaker’s AUX IN jack when
you’re trying to use Bluetooth.
• The Bluetooth wireless connection works up to a range of roughly 33 feet (10
meters). This range may vary, however, based on other factors, such as room layout,
wall material, obstacles, your device’s Bluetooth performance, etc. If you’re having
problems connecting to this speaker, move closer to it.
•If your device asks you for a password to connect, use “0000”.
Step 5: Play music
Set your device’s volume for
music to 75%.
Note: This is to make sure the sound
from the speaker isn’t too loud when you
start streaming.
Start playing music or other
audio on your device. Within
seconds, the speaker starts
streaming the audio wirelessly
via Bluetooth.
Now playing
Media volume
To adjust the volume of your audio: Use the volume
controls on your phone or the VOLUME – and VOLUME +
buttons on top of the speaker.
Using Bass Boost
The Hex Light speaker has a Bass Boost feature that
enhances the lower frequencies in your music. Bass Boost
is turned on by default. Press the EQ button on the top of
the speaker to toggle Bass Boost on and off.
Using the Multi-Mode Lighting
Press the MODE button on
Speaker top
the top of the speaker to
activate multi-mode lighting.
Keep pressing the MODE
button to cycle through the
following light modes.
Still: Press the COLOR button to change colors.
Pulse: The light pulses to the beat of your music (you might
need to turn your music up!). Press COLOR to change colors.
Chase: The light races in a circle. Press COLOR to change
Breath: The light gradually intensifies and diminishes.
Chill: The light slowly goes through all the colors.
Rave: The light pulses and changes color to the beat of
your music.
Multi-Mode Lighting Demo
This speaker has a lighting demo mode that shows off all of the lighting options.
To activate the lighting demo: Make sure the speaker’s on. Then press and
hold POWER/PAIR and VOLUME+ at the same time for 10 seconds (until the
demo light show starts).
To exit the lighting demo: Press and hold POWER/PAIR until the speaker turns off.
Then turn the speaker back on as normal.
Note: To hear audio during the lighting demo, plug your player into the speaker’s
AUX IN jack. Bluetooth audio does not work during the lighting demo.
Using the AUX IN input
Use a 3.5mm audio cable (not
included) to connect the audio
output from your device to
the AUX IN audio input on the
speaker’s back panel.
Speaker back
The speaker automatically switches to the AUX IN audio,
and the POWER/PAIR button turns white.
To listen to Bluetooth audio again, unplug the cable from
the speaker’s AUX IN jack. The speaker will try to reconnect
to the last Bluetooth device.
Using the Speakerphone
This speaker has a built-in
microphone, so you can use
it for phone calls as well as
music. Your phone will ring
through the speaker when
you’re receiving a call.
Speaker top
To answer/end the call: Press the
button on top of the
Note: Make sure you’re close enough to the speaker’s built-in microphone so
that the other person can hear you!
IMPORTANT: Not all phones support playback control and phone answer/end
control. Check your phone’s user manual for more information if you’re having
trouble with these functions.
Tour of the speaker
CALL button answers or ends
calls on a Bluetooth-connected
EQ switches between bass
boost and regular equalization.
POWER/PAIR button turns
the speaker on/off (press and
hold) and puts the speaker into pairing mode (short press).
It also shows the Bluetooth status of the speaker:
• fast blinking blue while pairing or reconnecting
• solid blue when paired
• solid white when the AUX IN jack is in use
• off when the speaker’s off.
VOLUME – / VOLUME + increase or decrease the volume of
the speaker’s audio.
LIGHTING buttons control the speaker’s multi-mode
lighting. Pressing MODE to cycle through the six light
modes: Still, Pulse, Chase, Breath, Chill, Rave, and Off. Press
COLOR in Still, Pulse, and Chase mode to change the color
of the light.
AUX IN jack lets you connect an audio
device directly to the speaker using a
3.5mm audio cable (not provided).
CHARGE indicator shows the charging status of the speaker:
• solid red while charging
• solid green when charged
DC IN jack connects to the provided USB charging cable to
plug the speaker into a power source or adapter.
Wi-Fi Settings
Bluetooth Settings
VPN Settings
Now playing
Media volume
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“Hola. Yo
soy un
Su altavoz
Parte posterior
del altavoz
Parte superior
del altavoz
Wi-Fi Settings
Bluetooth Settings
VPN Settings
Parte superior del altavoz
Now playing
Media volume
Parte superior del altavoz
Parte posterior
del altavoz
Parte superior
del altavoz
Parte posterior
La prise AUX IN permet de connecter un
appareil audio directement au hautparleur au moyen d’un câble audio de 3,5 mm (non fourni).
Le voyant CHARGE indique l’état de charge du haut-parleur :
• rojo continuo mientras se está cargando
• verde continuo cuando ya está cargado
El conector DC IN se conecta al cable de carga USB
suministrado para enchufar el altavoz en un adaptador o
fuente de alimentación.
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