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Operating instructions
Article No: Z 06222
Dear customer,
We are delighted that you have decided on purchasing this wall clock.
If you have any questions, please contact the customer service via our
You need additionally suitable fastening materials (e. g. a screw and a
dowel). They are not included in the product contents. The type of
fastening materials depends on the composition of your wall.
Back side of the product
Safety notes
Proper use
❐ The product is suitable for displaying the time.
❐ This product is exclusively designed for decorative purposes and
is therefore NOT a toy! Keep children away from the product.
❐ The product is designed for private use and is not intended for
commercial use. Only use the product for the intended purpose and only as described in the instructions. Any other use is
deemed improper.
❐ The product is not suitable for outdoor use.
Risks of injury
❐ Batteries may be life threatening if swallowed. Therefore keep
the batteries and the product out of the reach of children. Should
a battery be swallowed seek medical help immediately.
❐ Keep children and pets away from the packaging. Danger of suffocation exists!
Handling the batteries properly
❐ Before inserting the batteries check that the contacts in the battery compartments and on the batteries are clean and, if necessary, clean them.
❐ Only use the battery type specified in the technical data (see
section “Technical data”).
❐ Always replace all batteries at the same time. Do not mix different types or brands of batteries or batteries with different capacitance. When changing batteries ensure correct
polarity (+/-).
❐ Remove the batteries from the battery compartments if they are
empty or if you are not using the product for an extended period.
This will prevent damage which can be caused by leakage.
❐ If a battery has leaked, avoid contact of the battery acid with
skin, eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with battery acid, rinse the affected area immediately with plenty of clean
water and seek immediate medical attention.
❐ Immediately remove any leaking batteries from the battery compartment. Clean the contacts before inserting new batteries.
❐ The batteries may not be charged or reactivated with other means and they may not be disassembled, thrown in a fire, submerged in a liquid or short-circuited.
Handling the product properly
❐ Use suitable mounting materials to hang up the product (e.g. a
screw or dowel).
❐ Hang the product in a place that is safe, secure and dry.
❐ Before you drill a hole, ensure that there are no pipes or other
lines beneath the intended drilling site.
❐ However, do not expose the product to extreme temperatures,
severe changes in temperature, direct sunlight or moisture.
❐ Do not allow the product to fall and do not subject it to severe
❐ Maintain adequate distance to candles, fireplaces, stovetops or
other fire and heat sources.
❐ Ensure that the product cannot fall into water.
❐ If the product is defective, do not attempt to repair it yourself. In
the event of damage, contact customer service.
❐ When needed, wipe the product off with a dust cloth.
Warranty conditions
Defects arising due to improper handling, damage or attempts to
repair the device are excluded from the warranty. This also applies
to normal wear and tear.
1 x singing bird clock
3 x 1.5 V batteries, type AA
Wall hanger
Adjustment wheel
Battery compartment of the clock
Battery compartment for the sounds
Select button
• From 6 a. m. to 9 p. m., the corresponding bird song will sound
on the hour. The bird songs are, however, deactivated during the
• The clock operates in 24-hour mode.
• Using the select button (E) you can hear the bird songs at any
time (regardless of the time). However, please keep in mind that
the bird songs may no longer correspond to the respective hours.
To be sure, set the clock again by removing all batteries and following the steps below.
1. Set the clock’s hour and minute hands to 5:50 a. m. using the
adjustment wheel (B). In the process, move the hour and minute
hands clockwise.
2. Insert one 1.5 V battery, type AA in the battery compartment
of the clock (C) and two 1.5 V batteries, type AA in the battery
compartment for the sounds (D). Make sure the polarity (+/-) is
3. Now set the correct time with the adjustment wheel (B).
In the process, move the hour and minute hands clockwise.
Please note that the clock operates in 24-hour mode.
Example: To set 6:50 p. m., you need to move the hour hand
ahead thirteen hours and not one hour!
4. Hang the clock on the wall hanger (A). Use suitable fastening
materials to hang it up (e. g. a screw and a dowel). They are not
included in the product contents. The type of fastening materials
depends on the composition of the wall. Please also be absolutely
sure to observe the safety notes for installation.
Technical data
Voltage supply:
3 x 1.5 V batteries, type AA
The packaging material can be recycled. Dispose of the
packaging in an environmentally-friendly manner and
make it available for the recyclable material collectionservice.
Dispose of the product in an environmentally-friendly
manner. The product does not belong in the household
garbage. Dispose of it at a recycling centre for old electrical and electronic appliances. For more information,
please contact the administration in your community.
Non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries should be
removed prior to disposal of the device and disposed of
separately from the device. To protect the environment,
non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries may not be
disposed of with the normal household waste, but must
be taken to suitable collection points. Also note the relevant statutory regulations governing the disposal of batteries.
Customer Service / Importer:
DS Produkte GmbH, Am Heisterbusch 1, 19258 Gallin, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 38851 314650 *)
*) Calls subject to a charge.
We reserve the right to modify the product, packaging or enclosed documentation at any time in conjunction with our policy of continuous development.
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3 x 1,5 V-batterijen, type AA
De garantie dekt geen gebreken die ontstaan door verkeerd gebruik,
beschadiging of reparatiepogingen. Dit geldt ook voor de normale
1 x zingende vogeltjesklok
3 x 1,5 V-batterijen, type AA
Z 06222_V1
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