Rasoio elettrico
Electric shaver
Mod. Blades (PG-100)
DC 3V 300mA
Battery charger mod.
Input 220-240V 50/60Hz 3W
Output 3V
GB Carefully keep this manual and read the
warnings; it provides mportant instructions on safety, immediate and future use of
the appliance.
ATTENTION: This appliance can be used by
children over 8 years of age, people with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities or with
no experience or know-how if they are ensured
adequate supervision or have received instructions on safe use of the appliance and have understood the related dangers.
Children cannot play with the appliance. Cleaning and maintenance operations must not be
carried out by children unless they are over 8
years of age and supervised.
Keep the appliance and its cable out of reach of
children under 8 years of age.
ATTENTION: The power cable - battery charger contains a transformer.
Do not wet or clean the cable with water. Do
not immerge the appliance in water or other
Do not place under running water.
Always disconnect the adaptor from the razor
before cleaning it.
Do not use the razor in the shower.
Do not use this appliance near baths, showers
or other water containers.
Never immerge the appliance and the cable in
water or other liquids.
Before any cleaning or maintenance operations, disconnect the appliance from the electrical power mains.
Do not touch the appliance with wet or damp
hands or feet. Do not use the appliance in bare
Do not leave the appliance exposed to atmospheric agents (rain, sun, etc.).
Do not keep the appliance near heat sources
Do not keep the cable over or near heat sources or near sharp objects.
Do not leave the hair trimmer unguarded if
connected to the electrical power supply.
Do not connect the power plug of the battery
charger with wet or damp hands.
Do not pull the appliance or cable to remove
the plug from the socket.
Do not pull the cable to move the appliance.
Ensure the electricity cable cannot get caught
to avoid the appliance falling.
Do not wind the cable around the appliance
and do not twist it.
Do not use the hair trimmer when the power
cable or any other part of the product is damaged. Contact the Authorised Support Centre.
In general, use of adaptors, multi-sockets and/
or extensions are not recommended. When
their use is indispensable only use adaptors
and extensions complying with safety standards in force.
This appliance should only be used for its intended use, i.e. to cut hair and sideburns for
domestic use. Any other use is considered improper and dangerous, as well as causing the
warranty to become null and void. The manufacturer cannot be considered in any way liable for damage due to improper, wrong and
unreasonable use.
To avoid dangerous overheating you are advised to unwind the entire length of the power
cable and remove the plug from the electricity
socket when the appliance is not in use or not
Before any cleaning or maintenance operations, disconnect the appliance from the electrical power mains.
Before connecting the appliance to the electrical mains, ensure the voltage is correct based on the information on the product plate
and that the system complies with laws in force.
This appliance, which is only suitable for non-professional use, should only be used
for its intended use.
Any other use is considered improper and dangerous.
The manufacturer cannot be considered in any way liable for damage due to improper, wrong and unreasonable use.
The product should only be used according to the specifications in this manual.
Improper use can cause damage to people, animals and property and the manufacturer cannot be held liable. Electrical safety is only guaranteed when the appliances
are connected to an electrical system with suitable earthing according to the standards in force on electrical safety.
Packaging (plastic bags, nails, expanded polystyrene, etc.) must not be left within
reach of children or incapable people since they are a potential source of danger.
When using the appliance for the first time, ensure you have removed the labels and
protective sheet.
If the appliance is equipped with air sockets, ensure they are never blocked, not
even partially.
During use, the appliance must be kept far from any inflammable or explosive
object or substance.
In the event of a fault and/or malfunctioning, switch off the appliance and contact
qualified staff.
Any tampering or intervention carried out by unqualified staff will cause the warranty to expire.
To clean the appliance only use a soft and non-abrasive cloth.
When the appliance can no longer be used and you want to dispose of it, remove
the cables and dispose of them via a qualified body to avoid contaminating the
- Children cannot play with the appliance.
- Cleaning and maintenance cannot be carried out by children without adult supervision.
Periodically check the appliance and its parts are working properly; if in doubt contact an authorised support centre.
- Do not pull the power cable to move the appliance.
- Do not use the appliance if not working properly or it appears to be damaged; if
in doubt contact qualified staff.
- It is strictly forbidden to dismantle or repair the appliance due to danger of electric shock; if necessary, contact your retailer or authorised support centre.
- The appliance must not be used with external timers or other, separate devices
with remote control.
- The power cable plug, since it is used as a disconnection device, must always be
within easy reach.
The appliance must be positioned on a flat and stable surface that can resist heat.
The appliance must not be used after falling, if damaged.
- Use the appliance only with its supplied accessories, to avoid compromising safe
- Keep the appliance and its cable out of reach of children under 8 years of age.
- The appliance, while in use or charging, can overheat. This is normal.
- Before use, pay utmost attention to blade orientation.
- The battery cannot be recharged at a temperature under 0 °C or over 40°C.
- Do not recharge the battery in direct sunlight or near strong heat sources.
- Do not leave the battery charging continuously for over 48 hours.
- Do not handle the appliance using the cable alone, because it could disconnect,
fall and get damaged.
• If the product contains glass parts, they are not covered by the warranty.
The plastic parts of the product are not covered by the warranty.
Damage to the power cable, due to wear, is not covered by the warranty; any repairs
are therefore the responsibility of the owner.
If necessary, bring or send the appliance to the authorised support centre, you are
advised to clean all its parts carefully.
If the appliance is even slightly dirty or with encrustation or scale deposits, dust or
otherwise, externally or internally: for hygiene-sanitary reasons, the support centre
will refuse the appliance without inspecting it.
The symbol
on the product or packaging indicates the product must not be
considered as normal domestic waste, but should be brought to an appropriate
collection point for recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By disposing
of this product appropriately, you contribute to avoiding potential negative consequences for the environment and for health, which could derive from inadequate
disposal of the product. For more detailed information on recycling of this product,
contact your municipality office, the local waste disposal service or the shop where
you bought the product.
La durata della garanzia decorre dalla data di acquisto dell’apparecchio,
comprovata dal timbro del rivenditore e cessa dopo il periodo
prescritto anche se l’apparecchio non é stato usato. Rientrano nella garanzia tutte le sostituzioni o riparazioni che si rendessero necessarie per difetti di materiale o di fabbricazione. La garanzia decade
qualora l’apparecchio venga manomesso o quando il difetto
sia dovuto ad uso improprio. Le sostituzioni o le riparazioni contemplate
nella garanzia vengono effettuate gratuitamente per merce
resa franco nostri centri assistenza. Sono a carico dell’utente le sole spese
di trasporto. Le parti o gli apparecchi sostituiti diventano
di nostra proprietà.
The validity of the guarantee starts from the purchasing date certified by
the seller’s stamp and expires at the end of the indicated
period, even when the device has not been used. The guarantee covers all
substitutions or repairs due to material or manufacturing
defects. The guarantee has no validity in case of device tampering or
when the defect is due to incorrect or improper use of the
same. Substitutions and repair covered by the guarantee are made free of
any charge for goods delivered free our service company
representative. Only the freight will be at buyer’s expense. All replaced
parts or devices will become our property.
e-mail: [email protected]
MOD. Blades
MOD. Blades
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