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Technische Informationen
Architects and engineers
CXM 15
Coaxial Speaker
Monitor Cabinet
Coaxial Monitor 15"/1.4" 2-Way
102dB SPL/1W/1m
Order No.
Max. 135dB SPL/1m
(calculated with peak power)
Light Weight 19 kg
Switchable to Biamp Mode
FIR and IIR Presets available
CXM 15
Passive 2-Way
Switchable to biamped mode
Nominal impedance:
8 Ohms
Rated Power RMS
Program Power
Peak Power
LF Transducer
400 W
HF Transducer
50 W
Sound pressure level:
SPL 2.83 V / 1m 1 W / 8 Ohm
Max. SPL 1m
(calculated with peak power)
Frequency range ( -10dB )
Nominal Coverage Angle
Wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass bei
gehängten Lautsprecherboxen die einschlägigen
Sicherheitsbestimmungen zu beachten sind. Es
muss unbedingt qualifizierte Fachberatung in
Anspruch genommen werden!
We expressly point out that the relevant safety
regulations must be observed for “flying“
loudspeaker systems. It is imperative that qualified expert advice is sought.
102 dB SPL
135 dB
100 Hz - 18 kHz
60° Conical
Speaker components:
LF Transducer
HF Transducer
Voice Coil tracking protection
Wired through
Connectors Biamped
Wired through
Connector model
Dimensions (WxHxD)
1+, 12+, 2Lo 1+, 1- Hi 2+, 21+, 1-, 2+, 2Speakon 3x NL4 MPR
600mm x 334.4mm x 412.2 mm
(23.6" x 13.2" x 16.2")
Net weight
19 kg (41.88 Ibs)
Shipping weight
24 kg (52.91 Ibs)
Enclosure material
Birch plywood
Powder coated steel, acoustic foam
Integrated handles
36 Months
Optional Accessories
FB CXM 15 Flying Bracket
FB-TV Flugbügel TV Zapfen
TC-TV Truss Clamp > TV Spigot
PM-TV Pole Mount > TV Spigot
PCL M10 Pole Mount > Cabinet
TC 02 Truss clamp
The Dynacord CXM 15 is a light-weight wedge for professional
monitoring applications. The Dynacord DCX15450 2-Way 15”/1.4”
transducer uses a coaxially mounted HF unit and can be used in
passive or biamped operating mode.
The acoustic crossover frequency from the 15” low-frequency
transducer to the 1.4” mid-high compression driver is around 1.2kHz.
The slope of the built-in passive crossover network is 12dB/Octave.
An extremely precise definition of the vocals is guaranteed due to the
comparably low crossover frequency and the coaxial transducer design.
Power amplifiers are connected to the CXM 15 via Speakon connectors
The pin assignment in passive mode is 1+, 1-.Switching from passive
mode to biamped mode is performed by operation of a slider switch.
In biamped mode pins 1+, 1- are connected to the 15” low frequency
section of the CXM 15, pins 2+, 2- are then connected to the 1.4” midhigh-frequency section of the CXM 15.
The CXM 15 is equipped with 3 Speakon connectors wired in parallel.
This simplifies the daisy-chaining of multiple wedges and pole-mounted
CXM 15 cabinets.
The 1.4” mid-high frequency compression driver is protected against
short-term thermal overload with an electronic circuit called VOICE
COIL TRACKING PROTECTION. The protection circuitry exhibits “soft”
switching characteristics, so no annoying clicks or pops are audible in
case of a thermal overload situation.
FIR and IIR controller presets are available for all operating modes and
can be downloaded from our website WWW.DYNACORD.DE
The CXM 15 is manufactured from birch plywood and therefore
extremely resistant against abuse on the road. All cabinet connections
are slotted and glued. The surface is painted with a 2-component paint
that can easily be renovated if sometimes necessary. A powder-coated
steel grille equipped with acoustic foam protects the transducers
against accidental damage. A recessed flange allows easy pole-mount
operation. With the FB CXM 15 flying bracket the cabinet can easily be
equipped for flexible flying applications. Handles have been integrated
into both sides of the CXM 15.
CXM 15 Frequency Response, Impedance, Beamwidth, Directivity
Circuit Diagram
User Supplied
Safety Cable
Bosch Communications Systems
Americas–Headquarters AmericasBosch
Security Systems, Inc.
12000 Portland Ave South,
Burnsville, MN 55337, USA
USA–Ph: 1-800-392-3497
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Canada–Ph: 1-866-505-5551
Fax: 1-866-336-8467
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Fax: 1-952-736-4212
Asia & Pacific
Headquarters APR
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd
38 C Jalan Pemimpin
Singapore 577180
France: EVI Audio France S.A.S
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Fax: +33 1-6006-5103
UK: Shuttlesound Ltd.
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Fax: +44 208 254 5666
Middle East: Robert Bosch Middle East FZE
Tel. +97 14 2123300
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Australia: Bosch Security Systems Pty Ltd
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India: Bosch Limited
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Japan: EVI Audio Japan
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Thailand: Robert Bosch Limited
Tel: +662 639 3111
Fax: +662 631 2030
Subject to change without prior notice.
Printed in Germany
03 /03 /2009 / F01U124470
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