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Technische Informationen
Architects and engineers
VL 212
12“ / 1.4“
2-Way Professional
Speaker System
High-Power Multi-Functional 2-Way
800W 4 Ohms
Rotatable CAD-optimized 90° x 45°
Constant Directivity Horn
Switchable to Biamped Mode
Neodymium 1.4“ ND6 Driver
D 113 133
Passive 2-Way
Switchable to biamped mode
Nominal impedance
4 Ohms
Rated power RMS
800 Watts
Program power
1600 Watts
Peak power
3200 Watts
SPL 2,83 V / 1m 2W / 4 Ohm
Max. SPL 1m
(calculated with peak power)
105 dB
2 x DND 12350 Woofers
Frequency range ( -10dB )
Full range
80Hz - 19kHz
Voice Coil Tracking Protection
Frequency range ( -10dB )
50Hz - 19kHz
measured with H5000-RCM26 preset
Coverage angle
1 kHz -6dB
Passive crossover frequency
Active crossover frequency
Voice coil tracking protection
Component HIGH
Order No.
Wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass bei
gehängten Lautsprecherboxen die einschlägigen
Sicherheitsbestimmungen zu beachten sind. Es
muss unbedingt qualifizierte Fachberatung in
Anspruch genommen werden!
We expressly point out that the relevant safety
regulations must be observed for „flying“
loudspeaker systems. It is imperative that qualified expert advice is sought.
1.5kHz 24dB/Oct. Linkwitz-Riley,
1,5kHz Linear-Phase FIR
Electro-Voice ND6-8 Neodymium
Component LOW
Order No.
90° * 45°
2 x DND 12350
Wired through
Connectors Biamped
Wired through
Connector model
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Shipping weight
Net weight
Enclosure material
1+, 12+, 2Lo 1+, 1- Hi 2+, 21+, 1-, 2+, 2Speakon 2x NL4 MPR
Birch plywood
Black, 2-component paint
Powder coated steel, acoustic foam
36 Month
Optional Accessories
SH-VL212 Dust-Cover
MB 212 UMH Mounting Bracket
TC-02 Truss clamp
FB-VL212 Flying Bracket
TC-TV Truss Clamp > TV Spigot
PM-TV Pole Mount > TV Spigot
Today’s sound reinforcement and public address applications require
equipment that guarantee exceptional sound quality for a large variety
of different events. Multi-functionality is a must in order to be able to
react on-site to varying customer demands. The DYNACORD VL212
2-way fullrange cabinet has been optimized acoustically and mechanically
for multi-functional applications. With a variety of mounting accessories
and decent cosmetics the VL212 is ideally suited to be used in most
demanding applications.
The VL212 is manufactured from birch plywood and therefore extremely
resistant against abuse on the road. The surface is painted with a black
2-component paint that can easily be renovated if sometimes necessary.
For the low frequencies and mid frequencies two rugged DND 12350
transducers are used. The in-line topology guarantees excellent pattern
control even for the low-mid frequency range. High frequencies are
radiated from a rotatable 90°*45° CAD optimized constant directivity
horn equipped with an Electro-Voice ND6 1.4” driver.
The VL212 can be used in passive fullrange mode and can be switched
from the outside to ‘biamped’ operation. Linear-Phase FIR factory
presets for the IRIS-Net RCM-26 module and factory presets for regular
digital speaker controllers, e.g. DSP244 are available.
EASE and Ulysses data allow fast and precise simulations.
The VL212 can be used as a general purpose stand-alone fullrange
cabinet and as a satellite or delayed system cabinet in larger set ups.
Every transducer is protected against thermal overload with an electronic
circuit called VOICE COIL TRACKING PROTECTION and halogen
protectors. This circuit senses the terminal voltages of the transducers
and simulates the thermal behaviour of the tranducers’ voice coils. In
case of a potential thermal overload the power applied to the speakers
is reduced to a safe level. The VOICE COIL TRACKING PROTECTION
exhibits ‘soft’ switching characteristics, so no annoying clicks or pops are
audible. The circuitry automatically resets after the voice coil temperature
has reached a safe value.
Extremely durable acoustic foam mounted to a strong powder-coated
steel grille protects the loudspeaker components against any mechanical
The connector panel uses two 4-pole Speakon connectors (INPUT/
THRU) for a safe connection and easy daisy-chaining to other cabinets.
The pin assignment is 1+/1-. Pins 2+ and 2- are also connected between
the two Speakon connectors.
A large variety of TUV certified mounting accessories is available.
A protective cover is available as an option.
VL212 Frequency Response, Impedance
Optional Accessories
FB-VL212 + PCL-M10
FB-VL212 + FB-TV
FB-VL212 + FB-TV
FB-VL212 + FB-TV
+ TC-02
Order No. see Specifications page 1
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Printed in Germany
10 /10 /2007 / D 367118
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