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Mamba Max Pro is the first Castle car speed controller able to utilize sensored motor signals.
The Mamba Max Pro features listed below are only programmable via the Castle Link and a Windows

based computer. If you do not already have a Castle Link, you may use the coupon included in this

package for a free Castle Link. The sensored features are new, but everything else about the Mamba

Max Pro operates like all other Castle car ESCs. Please refer to the included Driver’s Ed. Manual for

complete details on the standard Castle feature set.

L e t ’s g e t s t ar t e d:

1. Connect your motor to the ESC:

Sensored operation requires you to connect the three motor wires to the ESC in the correct order.

In c orr e c t c onn e c t i ons on a s e ns or e d m o t or w i l l c au s e a b norm a l o per a t i on an d t h er e

i s a s tr on g po ss i b i l it y o f d am a g e t o b o t h t h e m o t or an d s pe e d c on tr o l .
Your sensored
motor will have the wires marked as A, B & C. The Mamba Max Pro motor wires have the same

markings. Plug A into A, B into B and C into C. For sensored operation, be sure to plug the motor’s

sensor cable into the sensor port on the side of the controller.

2. Power everything up and calibrate the ESC to your transmitter. Calibration is discussed in the

Driver’s Ed. Manual.

3. Drive off with the Mamba Max Pro delivering the power!


M o t or Ty pe - S e ns or e d O n ly or Sm ar t S e ns e

The Mamba Max Pro offers two new operating modes, both of which will use the sensors if they are

connected and functioning properly.

1. Sm ar t S e ns e m o d e
combines the best of sensored and sensorless operation. The ESC uses the
sensors for motor startup and then switches to the dynamic timing of sensorless mode for maximum

efficiency and lowest heat generation. If you are using a sensorless motor or your sensors are not

functioning properly, the ESC will use a sensorless start technique.
Us e Sm ar t S e ns e w it h a l l
s e nsorl e ss m o t or s, t h i s i s t h e d e fau lt s e t t i n g.

2 . S e ns or e d O n ly m o d e
relies exclusively on the sensors to determine timing. This mode is not
the most efficient and it can generate more heat in the motor. Sensored Only mode requires that

you have a motor with operating sensors and that the sensor wires are connected to the controller.

If the sensor wires are not connected or the controller detects that the sensors are not working,

the controller will revert to Smart Sense mode. Once you select Sensored Only mode, you may choose

to use the Castle High Energy Advanced Timing (CHEAT) settings.

Quick Start

CH EAT M o d e
CHEAT mode gives you the ability to program the controller to run with very high amounts of

electronic timing advance or Timing Boost. Timing boost can wring more power from the motor

system, but it will also dramatically increase the amount of heat generated in the motor and ESC.

CHEAT mode timing is based on the motor’s sensor position. If your motor has adjustable end-bell

timing, set it to 0° of timing advance or as low as possible. You will then be able to use the CHEAT

mode settings to dynamically adjust motor timing for optimum acceleration and top end speed.

CH EAT m o d e r e q u i r e s t h e c on tr o l l er b e s e t t o S e ns or e d O n ly m o d e an d a s e ns or e d

m o t or m u s t b e pr o perly a t t a c h e d t o t h e c on tr o l l er. It d o e s no t wor k w it h

s e ns orl e ss m o t or s. It i s no t r e c omm e n d e d for h i g h Kv ( l ow t ur n) s e ns or e d m o t or s.

Ju s t l i k e i n fu l l s c a l e r a c i n g , a l l t h e c om pon e n t s i n y our s y s t em h a v e l im it s.

Us i n g CH EAT m o d e t oo a g gr e ss iv e ly c an g e n er a t e e nou g h a d d it i ona l m o t or h e a t t o

d e s tr o y t h e m o t or an d po ss i b ly d am a g e y our e n t i r e s y s t em. Us e t h i s fe a t ur e w it h

c au t i on.

CH EAT M o d e Tim i n g Boo s t

This setting will allow you to adjust the maximum amount of electronic timing advance is delivered

to your motor. It is adjustable from 1 to 30 in 1 degree increments. There is no default set.

CH EAT M o d e A c t iv a t i on Ran g e

CHEAT Mode’s Activation Range Setting controls the gradual application of Timing Boost, which gives

a smooth transition from 0° of timing boost to the amount selected in CHEAT Mode Timing Boost.

You can set the RPM at which the boost starts to engage and the RPM at which it is fully engaged,

allowing you maximum low end torque and top end speed. This setting is highly adjustable from RPMs

as low as 1,900 to over 100,000 RPM. There is no default set.

Getting the highest possible power output from high turn count slotted motors (i.e. stock motors)

may require experimentation. You will want to set the start of your activation range high enough

that low end punch is still present, but low enough that the full CHEAT Timing Boost will be in

effect at top-end RPMs. Remember, higher timing will increase peak power output at high RPMs

(top end speed). Higher timing also lowers motor efficiency, creates more heat in the motor, and

decreases low end punch.

B E C Vo lt a g e

BEC Voltage selects the output voltage of the onboard switching battery eliminator circuit (BEC).

This output powers your radio and servos. Most servos are rated for up to six (6) volts. If your

radio equipment is rated for a higher voltage, you may choose to set the BEC voltage higher. Higher

BEC output voltages will usually result in faster and stronger servo movements. Using too high of a

voltage can damage the receiver and/or servo(s). This setting is adjustable from 5.0 to 7.2 in .1 volt

increments. Default is 5.5 volts.

A wor d a b ou t t h e c oo l i n g fan:
Your Mamba Max Pro will switch the cooling fan on and off as

Copyright 2009 © Castle Creations, Inc.
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