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K U B O T A Z E R O - T U R N M O W E R
Z The ultimate residential zero turn mower combining style, comfort and performance.
Z100 Series Z122R/Z122E/Z125E/Z121S/Z125S
*This information is sourced
from overseas and may not
necessarily apply locally.
It is essential that you confirm
specifications and other
information with your local
Kubota dealer.
Kubota’s residential innovation turns mowing into a power trip and manages to
keep your budget trim, too. The Kommander Z100 Series manoeuvres through
landscapes with comfort and ease. Have it all - style, comfort and performance,
matched with Kubota’s excellence in quality and durability. Engineered
especially for the homeowners with exclusive, easy-to-use features.
Take Command of Your Lawn
Z121S & Z125S Equipped with LED Headlights and Full Seat Suspension
Z122E & Z125E
4 Year / 300 Hour
warranty* covers
powertrain too!
*For Z122R’s engine, please refer to an engine manufacturer’s warranty policy. For cases beyond the engine
manufacturer's warranty during the period mentioned above, please contact your authorized Kubota dealer.
Mow Your lawn like a pro, with the smooth,
effortless performance of the Kommander.
with the Kommander.
Introducing the ALL-NEW
Kommander with 42” deck.
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Key Features

  • Full-height ROPS
  • 6”(4”: Z122R) slide seat
  • K-Lift (mechanical one push deck lift pedal)
  • High back seat
  • Wide foot pan
  • Cup holders
  • LED headlights
  • 1/4” cutting height adjustment
  • Ergonomic control layout
  • Powerful engines

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the warranty for the Z122R model?
The warranty for the Z122R model is 4 years/300 hours, but it is important to note that the engine warranty is provided by the engine manufacturer, which may differ from Kubota’s warranty. Please refer to the engine manufacturer's warranty policy for specifics.
Is the K-Lift feature available on all the Z100 Series models?
The K-Lift feature is only available on the E and S models of the Z100 Series.
What is the cutting width of the Z122R model?
The Z122R model has a cutting width of 42 inches.
What is the maximum speed of the Z122R model?
The maximum forward speed of the Z122R model is 12.9 km/h, and the maximum reverse speed is 10.5 km/h.
Are LED headlights standard on all Z100 Series models?
LED headlights are standard on the S-model and optional on the E and R models.