Global Machinery Company DP250LS Instruction manual

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1/3 HP









071120 Edition: 05 Op: DCR

Warranty 2

Introduction 3

Environmental protection 3

Description of symbols 3

Specifications 3

Safety rules for laser lights 4

General safety instructions 4

Additional safety rules for drill presses 5

Unpacking 7

Required tools 7

Assembly time 7

Components 7

Know your product 8

Assembly 9

Adjusting the table height 9

Adjusting the table angle 9

Installing and removing drill bits 10

Setting the drilling depth 10

Changing the speed of the drill press 11

Turning on and off 11

Turning on the REDEYE
® laser line generator 12
Adjusting the laser 12

Operation 12

Wood drilling 13

Metal drilling 13

Maintenance 13

Power cord maintenance 13

Cleaning 13

General inspection 13

Trouble shooting 14

Warranty Power Tools
Whilst every effort is made to ensure your complete
satisfaction with this tool, occasionally, due to the mass
manufacturing techniques, a tool may not live up to our
required level of performance and you may need the
assistance of our service department.
This product is warranted for a 2-year period for home
domestic use from the date of the original purchase.
If found to be defective in materials or workmanship,
the tool or the offending faulty component will be repaired
or replaced free of charge with another of the same item.
A small freight charge may apply. Proof of purchase is
essential. We reserve the right to reject any claim where
the purchase cannot be verified.
This warranty does not include damage or defects to the
tool caused by or resulting from abuse, accidents,
alterations or commercial or business use. It also does not
cover any bonus items or included accessories. Only the
power tool is covered under this warranty.
With continuing product development, changes may have
occurred which render the product received slightly
different to that shown in this instruction manual.
Please ensure that you store your receipt in a safe place.
Conditions apply to the above warranty. For full details of
the warranty terms and conditions please refer to our
website –
For prompt service we suggest you log your service
request online -, should you
not have access to the internet, please contact our
service department on 1300 880 001 (Australia)
or 0800 445 721 (New Zealand).
Description of symbols

The rating plate on your tool may show symbols.

These represent important information about the

product or instructions on its use.

Wear hearing protection.

Wear eye protection.

Wear breathing protection.

Conforms to relevant standards

for electromagnetic compatibility.


Voltage: 230–240Vac ~ 50Hz

Input Power: 250W

Speeds: 5

No Load Speed: 500, 890, 1400, 1900, 2500 RPM

Chuck Size: 13mm

Chuck Type: Keyed

Drilling Capacity: 13mm

Stroke Length: 50mm

Laser Class: II

Laser Wavelength: 650nm

Laser Output Power: ≤1mW

If you require any help with your product, whether it
is a Warranty claim, spare part or user information,
please phone our Help Line for an immediate response.
Phone 1300 880 001 in Australia or
0800 445 721 in New Zealand.
Your new GMC power tool will more than satisfy
your expectations. It has been manufactured under
stringent GMC Quality Standards to meet superior
performance criteria.
You will find your new tool easy and safe to operate,
and, with proper care, it will give you many years
of dependable service.
CAUTION. Carefully read through this entire Instruction
Manual before using your new GMC Power Tool. Take
special care to heed the Cautions and Warnings.
Your GMC power tool has many features that will make
your job faster and easier. Safety, performance, and
dependability have been given top priority in the
development of this tool, making it easy to maintain
and operate.
Environmental protection
Recycle unwanted materials instead
of disposing of them as waste. All tools,
hoses and packaging should be sorted,
taken to the local recycling centre and
disposed of in an environmentally safe way.


1. It may be more difficult to see the laser line in conditions

of bright sunshine and on certain surfaces.
Safety rules for laser lights

The laser light/laser radiation used in the GMC REDEYE
system is Class 2 with maximum 1mW power and 650nm

wavelengths. These lasers do not normally present an

optical hazard, although staring at the beam may cause

flash blindness.

Do not stare directly at the laser beam.
A hazard may exist if you deliberately stare into the beam,

please observe all safety rules as follows;

The laser shall be used and maintained in accordance
with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Never aim the beam at any person or an object other
than the work piece.

The laser beam shall not be deliberately aimed at
personnel and shall be prevented from being directed

towards the eye of a person for longer than 0.25s.

Always ensure the laser beam is aimed at a sturdy
work piece without reflective surfaces. i.e. wood or rough

coated surfaces are acceptable. Bright shiny reflective

sheet steel or the like is not suitable for laser use as

the reflective surface could direct the beam back at the


Do not change the laser light assembly with a different
type. Repairs must only be carried out by the laser

manufacturer or an authorised agent.

Use of controls or adjustments or performance
of procedures other than those specified herein may result

in hazardous radiation exposure.

Please refer to the relevant Australian standards, AS 2397

and AS/NZS2211 for more information on Lasers.

General safety instructions

To use this tool properly, you must observe the safety

regulations, the assembly instructions and the operating

instructions to be found in this Manual. All persons who use

and service the machine have to be acquainted with this

Manual and must be informed about its potential hazards.

Children and infirm people must not use this tool. Children

should be supervised at all times if they are in the area in

which the tool is being used. It is also imperative that you

observe the accident prevention regulations in force in your

area. The same applies for general rules of occupational

health and safety.

When using power tools, basic safety
precautions should always be taken to reduce the risk of

fire, electric shock and personal injury. Also, please read

and heed the advice given in the additional important

safety instructions.

1. Keep the work area clean and tidy.
Cluttered work
areas and benches invite accidents and injury.

2. Consider the environment in which you are working.

Do not use power tools in damp or wet locations. Keep

the work area well lit. Do not expose power tools to rain.

Do not use power tools in the presence of flammable

liquids or gases.

3. Keep visitors away from the work area.
All visitors and
onlookers, especially children and infirm persons, should

be kept well away from where you are working. Do not

let others in the vicinity make contact with the tool or

extension cord.

4. Store tools safely.
When not in use, tools should be
locked up out of reach.

5. Do not force the tool.
The tool will do the job better and
safer working at the rate for which it was designed.

6. Use the correct tool for the job.
Do not force small
tools or attachments to do the job best handled by a

heavier duty tool. Never use a tool for a purpose for

which it was not intended.

Do not stare into beam.
Only turn laser beam on when tool
is on workpiece. Class 2 laser product
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Key Features

  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 5 speed settings
  • REDEYE laser line generator
  • 13mm keyed chuck
  • 50mm stroke length
  • Drilling capacity: 13mm
  • Depth scale and locking knob
  • Bevel scale
  • Belt tension knob

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I change the speed of the drill press?
The speed is adjusted using the belt tension knob and the pulley steps. Refer to the "Changing the speed of the drill press" section in the manual.
How do I set the drilling depth?
Loosen the depth locking knob, adjust the depth scale to the desired depth, then tighten the knob.
How do I use the REDEYE laser line generator?
Press the laser light on/off switch to activate the laser. The two red beams will intersect at the drilling point.