ROTEX RTX 1000 Pneumatic Positioner USER'S MANUAL

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Pneumatic Positioner RTX – 1000 series
- 1 - RTX1000-R2-2011
Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
RTX - Series
Ver. 0.1
Dated: dd / mm / yy
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Pneumatic Positioner RTX – 1000 series
- 2 - RTX1000-R2-2011
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Manufacturer Warranty 3
General Service Information 4
Product Description 5
Label Description 6
Suffix Symbol 6
Specification 7
Parts and Assembly 8
Dimension 9
Safety Warning 9
Tools for Installation 9
RTX-1000 Installation 9
Bracket Information 10,11
Piping Connection 12
Supply Pressure Condition 12
Pipe Condition 12
Piping Connection with Actuator 12
Single Acting Actuator 12
Double Acting Actuator 13
Adjustment 13
Adjustment - Cam 13
Connection – Cable gland 14
Adjustment - Zero 14
Adjustment -Span 15
Adjustment - A/M Switch (Automatic/Manual) 15
Adjustment - Seat Adjuster 16
Adjustment – Orifice 16
Maintenance pilot Valve 17
Trouble Shooting 18
PTR assembly 19,20
PTR calibration 20,21,22
Pneumatic Positioner RTX – 1000 series
- 3 - RTX1000-R2-2011
Thank you for choosing ROTEX product. Each product is fully inspected after the production to offer you
the highest quality. In order to fully utilize the product, we strongly recommend users to read this manual
carefully and understood.
1. The manual should be given to the end user.
2. The manual can be changed or revised without any prior notice. Any changes in product's specification,
structure, and/or any components may not result immediate revised version of the manual.
3. The manual should not be duplicated or reproduced for any purpose without any consent of Rotex
Manufacturers & Engineers Private Limited., INDIA.
Manufacturer Warranty
For the safety, it is vital to follow instructions in the manual. It is not ROTEX’s liability for any damages
which caused by users' negligence.
It is not ROTEX's liability for any damages or accidents which resulted by any alteration or modification of
the product and parts. If alteration or modification is necessary, please contact the ROTEX directly.
ROTEX warrants the product from the date of original retail purchase of the product for one (1) year, except
as otherwise stated.
ROTEX warranty will not cover the products that the product have been subjected to abuse, accident,
alteration, modification, tampering, negligence, misuse, faulty installation, lack of reasonable care, repair or
service in any way that is not contemplated in the documentation for the product, or if the model or serial
number has been altered, tampered with, defaced or removed; damages that occurs in shipment, failure
due to power surge, and cosmetic damage. Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or report voids
this Limited Warranty.
For detailed warranty information, please contact :
INDIA, PIN - 421204
Pneumatic Positioner RTX – 1000 series
- 4 - RTX1000-R2-2011
General Service Information
1. Service procedure is offered as a guide to enable general maintenance to be performed on ROTEX
Pneumatic Positioner.
2. Normal recommended service interval under normal working condition for Pneumatic Positioner is five
years. It may vary on usage performance ratio. Note:
Storage time is counted sad part of the service interval. Storage temperature (-20°C to +70°C).
3. This procedure is applicable with the understanding that all pneumatic pressure has been removed from the
4. Remove all piping & mounting accessories that will interface with the module (s) that are to be worked on.
5. This procedure should only be implemented by a technically competent technician who should take care to
observe good workmanship practices.
6. Number in parentheses, ( ) indicates the bubble number (reference number) used on the ROTEX assembly
7. When removing seals from seal grooves use a commercial seal removing tool or a small screw driver with
sharp corner rounded off.
8. Use a non-hardening thread sealant on all pipe thread.
9. CAUTION:- Apply the thread sealant per the ROTEX’s instruction.
10. ROTEX recommends that servicing of the positioner should be done in a clean area on a workbench.
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Key Features

  • Accurate and responsive control
  • Durable construction
  • Simple operation
  • Economical
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible configuration options
  • High-quality materials
  • Long service life

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the operating principle of the RTX-1000R series?
The RTX-1000R series operates based on the principle of converting an electrical input signal (4-20mA) into a pneumatic output signal. As the input signal increases, the flapper (2) in the positioner moves closer to the nozzle (3), increasing the air pressure supplied to the actuator (10). This movement is then transmitted to the cam (16) and finally controls the valve position.
What is the supply pressure range for the RTX-1000R series?
The RTX-1000R series requires a supply pressure range of 1.4 ~ 8.0 kgf/cm² (20 ~ 120psi). This pressure is used to operate the internal components of the positioner and drive the actuator.
What are the adjustment options available for the RTX-1000R series?
The RTX-1000R series offers several adjustments for fine-tuning its performance. These include zero point adjustment, span adjustment, A/M switch (Automatic/Manual) adjustment, seat adjuster, and orifice adjustment. These adjustments allow for tailored operation based on the specific application and requirements.