RAINBIRD 8005 Owner Manual

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Key Features

  • Full/part-circle operation
  • Adjustable arc (50°-330°)
  • Memory Arc® function
  • Side Pry™ nozzle removal
  • Nozzle housing rapid advance

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How do I adjust the arc of the RAINBIRD 8005 rotor?
Use a flat-blade screwdriver to turn the arc adjustment screws clockwise to increase the arc and counter-clockwise to decrease it.
What is the Memory Arc® function?
The Memory Arc® function allows you to rotate the nozzle turret past the trip point without damaging the rotor. It will click again as you turn it back into the arc.
How do I remove a nozzle from the RAINBIRD 8005 rotor?
Loosen the nozzle retainer screw, then use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the nozzle loose using the Side Pry™ feature.