Ohlins FSK138 Fork Spring Kit for Honda Forza 300-2018 Mounting Instruction

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Fork Spring Kit for Honda Forza 300-2018
FSK 138

Mounting Instructions


Please note that this image is a general representation

of the product and may differ slightly from your product.


Please note that during storage and transportation,

especially at high ambient temperature, some of the oil

and grease used for assembling may leak and stain the

packaging. This is in no way detrimental to the product,

wipe off the excessive oil/grease with a cloth.


Before installing this product, check the contents of the

kit. If anything is missing, please contact an Öhlins dealer



After you have installed this product, take a test ride at

low speed to be sure that your vehicle has maintained


Kit Contents

Part No Pcs
Top cap nut
60005-35 2
Top cap assembly
Spring 26.2/250/5.0
68021-50 2
Spring 26.2/250/6.0
68021-60 2
Sticker Öhlins white
01185-01 2
Sticker Öhlins black
01185-04 2
Sticker Öhlins blue
00192-01 2

Öhlins cannot be held responsible for any personal

injury or damage that may occur after installing the

Öhlins spring kit. We strongly recommend to let an

Öhlins authorized service center to install this kit.




Original Front Fork assembly







5 : 60005-35

6 : Top cap assembly

7 : 68021-50/ 60

Öhlins Front Fork kit assembly


Taper part at bottom
Öhlins Racing AB
Box 722

SE-194 27 Upplands Väsby,

Sweden Phone +46 8 590 025 00

fax +46 8 590 025 80

© Öhlins Racing AB. All rights

reserved. Any reprinting or

unauthorized use without the written

permission of Öhlins Racing AB

is prohibited.

Öhlins products are subject to

continuous improvement and

development, therefore, although

these instructions include the most

up-to-date information available at

the time of printing, minor updates

may occur.

To find the latest information

contact an Öhlins distributor.

Please contact Öhlins if you have

any questions regarding the

contents in this document.

Part no. MI_FSK138_EN_0

Issued 2018-07-23

With this purchase you have made a clear

statement. This high performance Front Fork

spring kit from Öhlins is nothing but pure racing

breed which means that you have taken one

more step to eliminate luck on your motorcycle.

The balance between your Front Fork and

rear suspension will sharpen up and the

performance of your Front Fork will improve.

Almost 40 years of racing experience is now a

crucial part of your riding experience.

Recommended oil Level

60 mm.

How to install

1.Put the motorcycle on the work stand so that

the front wheel barely touch the ground. Make

sure the motorcycle is in a stable position.

2.Push down the original Top cap (1) in order to

remove the circlip (2) with a picking-tool

3.Remove the original Top cap (1), and Spring


4.Insert the Öhlins spring (7), and Top cap

assembly (6)

5.Push down the Top cap assembly (6) without

damage it, and insert the circlip (2) in position.

6.Install the Öhlins Top cap (5). Tighten the top

cap at torque value̴ 10N/mm.


During the installation of the fork damping kit, please be

sure to don’t damage the original circlip (2)


The measurement of oil level is taken from the top of the

inner tube (6) to the oil surface.

> The fork leg need to be in vertical position

> The fork need to be fully compressed

> The fork must be without the spring and the preload



Öhlins FSK 138 gives the possibility to adjust the spring

preload -5/+10mm from standard preload (22mm).

> Every complete turn equal 1mm adjustment


Apply masking tape on the hexagon surface to avoid

damages on the surface during assembling

Recommended oil

For best performance we recommend to use a mix

of Öhlins front fork fluid 01314 and 01316 at 1:1

mixing ratio (in a beaker unite 50% of 01314 and

50% of 01316). The final oil viscosity affects how the

front fork will behave:

- Higher viscosity mix improves the stability.

- Lower viscosity mix improves the comfort and

traction. The oil mixing ratio can be tuned in order to

match the rider preferences.

Oil number
01314-01 01316-01
Viscosity cSt @40ºC
40,0 98,0
Oil mixing ratio
50% 50% Recommended spring
Soft Medium Hard
RH Leg
68021-50 68021-50 68021-60
LH Leg
68021-50 68021-60 68021-60

Öhlins FSK 138 spring 68021-50 rate is 5.0N/mm

Öhlins FSK 138 spring 68021-60 rate is 6.0N/mm
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Key Features

  • Adjustable spring preload
  • Improved handling
  • Enhanced performance
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with Honda Forza 300 (2018)

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the recommended oil level for the Ohlins FSK 138?
The recommended oil level is 60mm from the top of the inner tube to the oil surface. The fork leg needs to be in a vertical position and fully compressed. The fork must be without the spring and preload tube.
How do I adjust the spring preload on the Ohlins FSK 138?
The FSK 138 allows for a -5/+10mm adjustment from the standard preload of 22mm. Each complete turn of the adjuster equals 1mm of adjustment.
What is the recommended oil for the Ohlins FSK 138?
For best performance, use a 1:1 mixture of Öhlins front fork fluids 01314 and 01316. Higher viscosity improves stability, while lower viscosity improves comfort and traction. The oil mixing ratio can be adjusted to match the rider's preference.