Einhell CE-BC 1 M Battery Charger Product sheet

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The Einhell CE-BC 1 M battery charger is an intelligent universal battery charger with a microprocessor controller for gel, AGM, zero & low
maintenance lead-acid batteries. The multi-stage charging cycle is controlled and monitored by a microprocessor controller, and charging is optimized
to contribute to an extended battery life. Changing between 6 V and 12 V vehicle batteries is selected by pushbutton and it is suitable for vehicles
which are not used for extended periods: The trickle charge function constantly maintains the optimal charge. Featuring type IP65 protection, the
charger has electronic protection against overcharging, short-circuit and swapped poles. The clamps are fully insulated.
Battery Charger
Item No.: 1002205
Ident No.: 11018
Bar Code: 4006825640298
Features & Benefits
Intelligent battery charger with microprocessor controller-
Multi-stage charging cycle,controlled/monitored by microprocessor-
Universal battery charger for various battery types-
For gel, AGM, zero and low maintenance lead-acid batteries-
Pushbutton for selecting between 6/12V vehicles-
Protection class IP65: Dustproof and protected against water jets-
Trickle charge function for a continuously ideal charge status-
For vehicles with long idle times (convertibles/motorcycles)-
Charging provides extended battery life-
El. protection against overcharging, short-circuit, swapped poles-
Fully insulated battery clamps-
Suspension eyelet for mounting to the wall-
Technical Data
- Mains supply 220-240 V | 50 Hz
- Charging voltage 6 V/ 12V
- Suitable for batteries (from min. Ah to
max. Ah):
3-32 Ah
- Charging current Min. (arith./eff.) - Max.
(arith./eff.) on 6 V d.c.
1 / [-] A
- Charging current Min. (arith./eff.) - Max.
(arith./eff.) on 12 V d.c.
1 / [-] A
Logistic Data
- Product weight 0.22
- Gross weight single packaging 0.38
- Dimensions single packaging 152 x 66 x 233 mm
- Pieces per export carton 14 Pieces
- Gross weight export carton 5.8 kg
- Dimensions export carton 315 x 470 x 250 mm
- Container quantity (20"/40"/40"HC) 9702 | 21168 | 23520
Illustrations can contain accessories, which are not included in standard extent of delivery
Illustration similar (in design), production-wise modifications reserved
GS mark belongs to the product itself only, excluded accessory
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Key Features

  • Microprocessor control
  • Multi-stage charging
  • Gel, AGM, low maintenance
  • 6/12V selection
  • IP65 protection
  • Trickle charge
  • Overcharge protection

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What types of batteries are compatible with the CE-BC 1 M charger?
It's compatible with gel, AGM, zero, and low maintenance lead-acid batteries.
Can I use this charger for both 6V and 12V batteries?
Yes, you can select between 6V and 12V using the pushbutton.
What is the trickle charge function for?
It keeps the battery at an optimal charge level when the vehicle is not in use for extended periods.