Cleveland 24-EM-48 Specifications

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24, 36 or 48 KW
24" (600MM) or 36" (900MM) WIDE BASE
MODELS: c 24-EM-24 c 36-EM-24
c 24-EM-36 c 36-EM-36
c 24-EM-48 c 36-EM-48
Cleveland Standard Features
n Type 304 Stainless Steel exterior enclosure; TableTop with
#4 finish
n Hinged Cabinet Door
n 6" Stainless Steel Legs with level adjustment
n Solid State Steam Generator Water Level Controls
n Low Water Power Cut-off
n Pressure Limit Controls with 15 psi Safety Valve
n Major components serviceable from the front of the unit
n Steam Generator empties under pressure (blowdown)
automatically upon each Shut-Down. Automatic Water
Refill on Start-Up
n Separate "Start/Reset" illuminated switch controls, plus
Pressure Gauge
n Steam Generator Drain incorporates Water Cooling and
"Jet Rinsing"
n Steam Generator is complete with Access Hole/Cover Plate
and Sight Glass Gauge
n Secondary Low Water Cut-Off, factory installed (CALE)
(Required for AZ. AR. CA. CO. CT. DE. FL. GA. HI. IL. IA. KS. MD. MA. MI.
MN. MT. NE. NV. NM. NC. OK. OR. PR. RI. TN. UT. VA. WA. WV., Buffalo, NY,
Wash. DC)
n Standard voltage is 208/220 volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase,
3 Wire
n Single cold water Connection (no hot water required)
Options & Accessories
p Power Take-Off Kit (EPTO)
p Voltages other than standard, including: 220/240, 440/480,
575 volt
p Single Phase operation (24 KW only)
p 10" Adjustable Legs (LF10)
p Flanged Feet (FF)
p Stainless Steel Base Frame (FSS)
Shall be CLEVELAND Model _____ -Em _____ KW Electric Steam Generator,
Modular Cabinet Base, type 304 Stainless Steel exterior enclosure, Table
Top and 6" Level Adjustable Legs. Console mounted Controls, Pressure
Gauge and Illuminated "Start/Reset" Control Switches. Solid State Water
Level Steam Generator Controls. Steam Generator drains under pressure
(blowdown) after each Shut-Down, Automatic Water Fill on Start-Up.15 psi
Safety Valve.
Short Form Specifications

Project ________________________________
Item __________________________________
Quantity _______________________________
FCSI Section ____________________________
Approval _______________________________
Date __________________________________
1333 East 179 St.,
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. 44110
Tel: 1-216-481-4900
Fax: 1-216-481-3782
Web Site:
Email: [email protected]
1 1/2” IPS common drain.
Do not connect other
units to this drain.
Do not use PVC pipe for
Cleveland Range reserves right of design improvement or modification, as warranted.
Many regional, state and local codes exist and it is the responsibility of the owner and installer to comply with the codes.
Cleveland Range equipment is built to comply with applicable standards for manufacturers. Included among those approval agencies are ASME/N. Bd, UL, NSF and CSA.
Litho in U.S.A.
The recommended minimum water quality standards
whether untreated or pre-treated, based upon 10 hours of
use per day, and a Daily Blowdown, are as follows:
TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS less than 60 parts per million
TOTAL ALKALINITY less than 20 parts per million
SILICA less than 13 parts per million
pH FACTOR greater than 7.5
CHLORINE less than 30 parts per million
Consult a local water treatment specialist for an on site
water analysis for recommendations concerning steam
generator feed water treatment (if required), in order to
remove or reduce harmful concentrations of minerals. The
use of highly mineralized water will mean that more
frequent servicing of the steam generator will be necessary.
The fact that a water supply is potable is not proof that it
will be suitable for the generator.
Right - 3”, Left - 3”, Rear - 3”
(12” on control side if adjoining
wall or equipment is over 30”
high for service access)
Contact factory for
variances to clearances.
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Key Features

  • Modular design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Electric steam generator for quick and efficient steam production
  • Solid-state water level controls for precise steam generation
  • Low water power cut-off for safety
  • Pressure limit controls with a 15 psi safety valve for added protection
  • Separate "Start/Reset" illuminated switch controls for easy operation
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring steam pressure
  • Steam generator drain incorporates water cooling and "Jet Rinsing" for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Access hole/cover plate and sight glass gauge for easy inspection and maintenance

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the power requirement for the Cleveland 24-EM-48?
The standard voltage for the Cleveland 24-EM-48 is 208/220 volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 3 Wire.
What type of water connection is required for the Cleveland 24-EM-48?
The Cleveland 24-EM-48 requires a single cold water connection (no hot water required).
What are the recommended minimum water quality standards for the Cleveland 24-EM-48?
The recommended minimum water quality standards for the Cleveland 24-EM-48 are: - Total Dissolved Solids: less than 60 parts per million - Total Alkalinity: less than 20 parts per million - Silica: less than 13 parts per million - pH Factor: greater than 7.5 - Chlorine: less than 30 parts per million