Before Installation. Canon XEED 4K501ST, REALiS LCOS 4K501ST

Before Installation. Canon XEED 4K501ST, REALiS LCOS 4K501ST

Before Installation

Precautions When Carrying/Shipping the


Note the following precautions when carrying or shipping the projector.

• Disconnect the cables connected to the projector. Carrying the projector with the cables attached may cause an accident.

• Retract the adjustable feet. Leaving the feet extended when the projector is moved may cause damage.

• Do not carry or move the projector alone. Have at least one assistant.

Precautions for Installation

Be sure to read “Safety Instructions” and “For Safe Use” ( P5

P18 ). Also

take the following precautions during installation.

• Do not strike the projector or subject it to impact. Doing so may cause a malfunction.

• Do not install the projector so that it is inclined or standing vertically. The projector may be damaged if it tips over.

Do Not Use in the Following Environments

• Locations with excessive humidity, dust, oily smoke or tobacco smoke

Adhesion to the lens, mirrors or other optical parts may reduce image quality.

• Near high-voltage power lines or sources of electrical power

This may cause malfunction.

• On soft surfaces such as carpets or cushioned mats

Heat may build up inside the projector and damage it.

• Locations with excessive temperature or humidity

This may damage the projector. Acceptable ranges for operating and storage temperature and humidity are as follows.

Operating temperature

0°C (32°F) – 40°C (104°F)

Operating humidity

Up to 85%

Storage temperature

-20°C (-4°F) – 60°C (140°F)


Before Installation

Do Not Touch the Lens with Bare Hands

Do not touch the lens with bare hands. Doing so may adversely affect picture quality.

Allow a 30 Min. Warm Up before Focus Adjustment (


), if Possible

The focus position may not stabilize immediately after startup, due to lamp heat.

When adjusting focus, it is also helpful to use the test pattern (10) (


, P176 ).

Install at a Sufficient Distance from Walls and Other Obstructions

If the air intake or exhaust vent is blocked, heat will accumulate inside the projector, possibly resulting in a shortened

Air intake vent projector lifetime or a malfunction.

Similarly, do not install in narrow, enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. Install in a wellventilated location. Ensure a

Air intake vent

Exhaust vent minimum clearance of 50 cm (1.6 ft.) above, on both sides, and behind the projector, as shown below.

50 cm (1.6')

50 cm


50 cm


50 cm


Be Careful of Condensation

If the temperature of the room rises suddenly, moisture in the air may condense on the projector lens and mirror, causing the image to become blurred. Wait until the condensation has evaporated for the image projected to return to normal.

At Altitudes above 2,300 m (7,545.8'), Adjust the Settings

Projector settings must be adjusted when using the projector at altitudes of 2,300 m

(7,545.8') or higher. Specifically, refer to instructions for [High altitude] (

P112 ) in the

[Install settings] menu.


When Using Mounted on the Ceiling

When the projector is used mounted on the ceiling or installed in a high location, it is necessary to periodically clean the air intake and exhaust vents, and the area around the air filter. Dust that accumulates in intake or exhaust vents may impair ventilation, raising the temperature inside and posing a risk of damage or fire. Use a vacuum cleaner or similar means to remove dust from the intake vent and exhaust vent.

Before Installation


Before Installation

Install Facing in the Correct Direction

• The projector can be installed facing any direction, as shown below. However, projection upward or downward may shorten the useful life of the lamp.

• For upward or downward projection, refer to instructions for

[Vertical projection] ( P112 ) in the [Install settings] menu.

• Do not attempt to install the projector for upward or downward projection by yourself. Always request installation by a qualified technician or the Canon Customer Support Center.

10° 10°

Upward projection:

Inclination of the projector should be no more than

10° from the vertical axis.*

10° 10°

Downward projection:

Inclination of the projector should be no more than

10° from the vertical axis.*



If installing the projector on the floor or hanging from the ceiling, the left / right inclination of the projector should be no more than 10°.*

Do not use the projector standing on its side.*

* Failure to do so may damage the lamp.

• There are no options for installing the projector other than the ceiling attachment (

P37 ,


, P195


• When mounting the projector on the ceiling, it is more convenient to install the projector right-side up, with the adjustable feet facing down.


Before Installation

Copyright Notice

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Ensure Network Security

Take measures to ensure network security. Note that Canon is not liable in any way for direct or indirect loss from network security incidents, such as unauthorized access.

Examples of Security Measures

Use in an intranet environment.

Assign a private IP address.

Use behind a firewall.

Change passwords regularly.

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