electronical regulation. Groupe Brandt DRN1215J, DRP831JEC

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electronical regulation. Groupe Brandt DRN1215J, DRP831JEC | Manualzz

Control panel - appliance with electronical regulation


No frost system appliance

A ON/OFF and temperature setting button

ON/OFF button

The appliance is switched on by turning the button (


) towards


, and accordingly switched off when the arrow (small triangle) on the button points to the ON/OFF mark (the appliance, however, is still under mains power).

Refrigerator temperature setting

Temperature setting for the refrigerator also affects the temperature in the freezer compartment.

• Temperature of the appliance is set by turning the button


to the position between the





• Recommended setting of the thermostat knob is to



• If the temperature in the room where the appliance is installed is lower than 16°C or if there is less than 10 kg of food in the refrigerator, we recommend setting the thermostat dial to



The fan (only with some models) should be switched off. This is required in order to maintain a suffi ciently low temperature in the freezer to allow long-term storage of frozen food.


- SUPERFREEZE indicates fast freezing (certain models only).

- FRESHEXCEL indicates fast cooling (certain models only).


Fast freezing function

Fan (only with some models)

Fast freezing function is activated by turning the button (


) arrow

(triangle) to the position



If the function is not switched off manually it stops automatically

(after approximately two days of operation).

• After the automatic stop of the fast freeze function the appliance switches to regular operation mode at


. setting, so you need to turn the button (


) back to your preferred setting.

• The fast freeze function is used after the fi rst start of the appliance, before major cleaning, or when large quantity of fresh food is stored in the freezer.

• To repeat the fast freeze function you need to fi rst turn the knob (


) from the


position to the position


, and then back to the position



• The fan contributes to more equal distribution of temperature and faster cooling, as well as reduces formation of dew on the shelves. It only operates when the compressor is activated.

• It is recommended to operate the fan only for short periods of time, as an additional function during:

- increased temperature in the room (over 30°C),

- increased humidity (during the summer),

- in case of inserting large amount of food in the

refrigerator (fast cooling).

• Turning the fan on / off

ON = OFF = 0

When the fan is on, a red dot is indicated on the switch.


Fan operation increases consumption of energy, and it may also slightly increase freezer temperature.



Valve and no frost system appliance

A Freezer temperature setting button

B Freezer temperature digital display:

indicates temperature span between -16°C and -24°C.

C Fast freeze button ON/OFF

D Orange LED:

indicates fast freeze setting in operation

E Mains ON/OFF button

(both refrigerator and freezer)

F Green LED:

indicates freezer operation

G Alarm off button and child lock ON/OFF button

H Red LED:

indicates alarm state

I Refrigerator ON/OFF button

J Green LED:

indicates refrigerator operation

K Fast refrigerator cooling ON/OFF button

L Orange LED:

indicates fast refrigerator cooling setting in operation

M Digital refrigerator temperature display:

indicates temperature span between +1°C

and +9°C.

N Refrigerator temperature setting button

Mains ON/OFF button

First plug the power cord into the wall outlet. The LCD display is on and indicates dashes. This means that both the refrigerator and the freezer are off.

• Switch the appliance on/off by pressing button (E) for 3 seconds. Both the refrigerator and the freezer are on, green

LED’s (F) and (J) are on. In this mode you can switch only the refrigerator off by pressing the button (I) for 3 seconds (green

LED (J) is off).

• Display indicates refrigerator temperature +9°C and freezer temperature 0°C. These values remain on the display until the actual temperature within the cabinet units falls below the above values.

• The appliance is factory preset to the recommendable refrigerator temperature of +5°C and freezer temperature of



Temperature setting

Refrigerator temperature setting span

+1°C do +9°

Freezer temperature setting span -16°C to -24°C + fast freeze

• Freezer temperature is set by the button (A), and refrigerator temperature by the button (N).

• When you press one of temperature setting buttons, the digital display starts fl ashing and indicates the last selected temperature.

• Temperature setting is changed by short sequence pressing of the button in steps of 1°C. During the setting procedure all other buttons are void.

• Around 5 seconds after the release of the button, the display automatically indicates the actual temperature in the refrigerator and in the freezer.

Other settings

Continuous sound - opened refrigerator door - alarm

If the refrigerator door is open for more than one minute, the sound signal (continuous tone) starts and red LED (H) appears.

Alarm goes off by closing the door, or by pressing the alarm off button (G).

Intermittent sound - refrigerator/freezer temperature too high

- alarm

Elevated temperature within the appliance is signaled by the sound alarm (intermittent tone), and the temperature fl ashing on the display.

• Alarm is switched off by pressing the alarm off button (G).

The red LED and fl ashing temperature are switched off automatically when the interior of the refrigerator/freezer is cool enough, and there is no danger for perishable goods

• If the temperature in the freezer compartment fails to reach the required level even 24 hours after the alarm had been shut down, the sound alarm is switched on again and shuts off automatically when the freezer compartment cools down to the required level and there is no danger for perishable food. After fi rst start the appliance has a 24-hour alarm delay to avoid unnecessary panic.



Intermittent sound signal – power failure alarm

If the refrigerator or freezer temperature increases excessively due to power failure, this is signaled by the sound alarm (intermittent beep), red light is on, and the display indicates fl ashing maximum temperature digit (max. 9°C for the refrigerator).

Fast cooling of the refrigerator

The function of fast cooling of the refrigerator interior is activated by pressing the button (K) – orange LED is on (L). It is switched off automatically after 6 hours, and the setting returns to the preceding value. The function is used for fast cooling

of large quantities of fresh food

inserted at once.

Fast freeze function

The fast freeze function is activated by pressing the button (C)

– orange LED is on (D), and intensive freezing starts.

If you fail to switch this function off manually it turns off automatically after approximately two days. The function is intended for fast freezing of large quantities of inserted food. In case of power failure the fast freeze procedure is repeated.

The function is used with the fi rst start of the appliance, before cleaning, and when larger quantities of fresh food are inserted in the appliance.

Child lock

Built-in child lock prevents the appliance from unwanted temperature alterations and/or even switching off. Turn it on/off by pressing the alarm button (G) for 3 seconds (letters ‘LL’ and

‘L’ fl ash on the displays). When the protection is activated, the only active button is the alarm button. If you press any button the wording ‘LL’ and ‘L’ appear on the display.


Key Features

  • Top part is refrigerator, Bottom part is upright freezer
  • NO FROST version of the freezer, fitted with the fan and featuring automatic defrosting
  • FRESH ZONE compartment for preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables

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