Refrigerator accessories. Groupe Brandt DRN1215J, DRP831JEC

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Refrigerator accessories. Groupe Brandt DRN1215J, DRP831JEC | Manualzz

• Recommended settings:

- when fan is activated: position 1-4,

- without the fan: position 4-7.

Temperature setting for the refrigerator compartment also indirectly affects the temperature in the freezer compartment.

Refrigerator accessories


(Equipment depends on the model)

• Shelves can be optionally placed on the guides inside the appliance. To remove the shelf, fi rst slide it out as far as the guide allows it, then slightly lift it up and pull it out. Quickly perishable food should be stored on the back i.e. the coldest part of the shelves.

Adjustable glass shelf

Horizontal bottle rack

If you need space to store higher objects (bottles, jars, jugs) in the refrigerator you can remove the front part of the shelf, relocate it to a lower level, and obtain the required space.

It is protected against accidental slide out.

The rack can only be pulled out when it is empty. Lift the back part of the rack and pull it towards yourself.

The rack should be placed in the appliance in such way to allow unobstructed door closing.

Maximum capacity is 9 bottles of 0,75 l, or 13 kg of total mass.

Vegetable crisp pan

• Crisp tray below the glass shelf at the bottom of the refrigerator is used for storage of fruit and vegetables. It retains the right level of moisture and prevents drying out.


Single drawer

• Pulling out the drawer:

- Pull the drawer towards yourself (in the direction of arrow 1)

– as far as the door stopper. On the opposite side, continue to pull the drawer out of the refrigerator (in the direction of arrow 2 – rotation) while lifting the drawer at the same time

(in the direction of arrow 3).

Refrigerator door lining


Removable snack tray

• The refrigerator door lining consists of various shelves or holders used for storing cheese, butter, eggs, yogurt, and a stock of other smaller packages, tubes, cans etc. The bottom shelf is used for storing bottles.

• Fan fi xed under the ceiling or hidden behind the rear refrigerator panel or within the freezer compartment improves even distribution of temperature and decreases dew upon storage racks.

The tray is especially handy for cold cuts, cheese, etc ...

The drawer is pulled out by lifting the front part slightly and then pulling out. The handle may be moved sideways along with the drawer.

Recommended distribution of food

Refrigerator compartments:


top section:

canned food, bread, wine, cake, …


middle section:

dairy products, readymade food, desserts, juices, beer, TV-dinners, …


bottom section:

meat, meat products, delicatessen, …


crisp pan:

fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, root vegetables, potatoes, onions, garlic, tomato, tropical fruit, sauerkraut, turnips ...

Refrigerator door lining compartments:


top/middle section:

eggs, butter, cheese, …


bottom section:

beverages, cans, bottles, …

Freezer compartments:

- freezing, storage of frozen food (see section Freezing and storage of frozen food).



Key Features

  • Top part is refrigerator, Bottom part is upright freezer
  • NO FROST version of the freezer, fitted with the fan and featuring automatic defrosting
  • FRESH ZONE compartment for preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables

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What are the dimensions of the appliance?
The manual does not specify the dimensions of the appliance.
What is the total capacity of the appliance?
The manual does not specify the total capacity of the appliance.
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The manual does not specify the noise level of the appliance.