Installation and connections. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J

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Installation and connections. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J | Manualzz

Installation and connections

• Place the appliance in dry and well aired room. The appliance operates best at temperature ranges indicated in the chart below. Relevant class of the appliance is indicated on the rating plate.


SN (subnormal)

N (normal)

ST (subtropical)

T (tropical)

Ambient temperature from + 10°C to + 32°C from + 16°C to + 32°C from + 16°C to + 38°C from + 16°C to + 43°C

Positioning the appliance requires two persons in order to avoid injuries or damage to the appliance.

• Place the appliance fl atly and fi rmly on a solid base. The appliance is fi tted with adjustable feet on the front side, used to level the appliance (certain models only).

• Avoid exposing the appliance to direct sunlight or heat sources. If this is not feasible, install insulation plate between the appliance and adjacent heat source.

• The appliance may stand independently or you may incorporate it into the kitchen cabinet. Be sure to leave enough space for cooling of condenser (distance from the wall or the opening should be 200 cm 2 ). Distance to the cabinet above the appliance should be at least 5 cm.

After the installation, the appliance mains plug should be accessible!



• The appliance is fi tted with spacers to be mounted on the top edge of the condenser. They prevent the rear of the appliance to be pushed too close to the wall. Spacers are fabricated universally regarding the different distance of the condenser from the cabinet, so make sure to position them properly.

• Use the power cord to connect the appliance to the mains power. Wall outlet must be fi tted with ground terminal (safety socket). Required nominal voltage and frequency are indicated on the relevant label or rating plate of the appliance.

• Mains power connection and grounding must be made in line with standing regulations and local requirements.

The appliance is able to accommodate minor temporary voltage tolerances, but they may not exceed -6% to +6%.

Your appliance is compliant with European Directives as well as their modi fi cations.


Key Features

  • Electronically regulated temperature control for precise cooling.
  • Spacious refrigerator compartment with adjustable shelves and door balconies for flexible storage.
  • Dedicated ZERO'N'FRESH compartment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods.
  • Four-star freezer compartment for efficient freezing and long-term food storage.
  • Reversible door hinge for convenient placement in any kitchen layout.
  • Self-closing shear door hinge for gentle and secure door closure.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the purpose of the ZERO'N'FRESH compartment?
The ZERO'N'FRESH compartment maintains a slightly cooler temperature than the refrigerator, creating an ideal environment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats.
Can I adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartments?
Yes, the DRS1022J features electronical temperature regulation, allowing you to set and adjust the temperature of both compartments independently for optimal food storage.
How do I change the direction of the door opening?
Refer to the 'Changing the Direction of Opening the Door' section in the instruction manual for detailed steps on how to reverse the door hinge.