Refrigerator accessories. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J

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Refrigerator accessories. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J | Manualzz

Control panel - appliance with mechanical regulation

ON/OFF button

The appliance is switched on/off by turning the temperature selector (see Fig.) to any position from 0 to 7.

The appliance operation is controlled by turning the thermostat

(temperature selecting button) located within the refrigerator cabinet from the position STOP (0) to the position 7 and back.

Temperature setting

• The higher the position of the temperature selector (towards position 7) the lower is the temperature (cooler) within the cabinet of the appliance. Interior temperature in the refrigerator may even fall below 0°C. Higher position settings are to be used on in case of recommended low cooling temperature, or if the ambient temperature is below 16°C. In case of standard ambient temperature we recommend the medium setting.

• Change in the ambient temperature affects the temperature of the appliance, so the position of the temperature selector should be adjusted accordingly.

• In the STOP (0) position the appliance is switched off (cooling system is off). However, the appliance is still powered (light bulb is turned on if you open the refrigerator door).

Refrigerator accessories

(Equipment depends on the model)

• Shelves can be optionally placed on the guides inside the appliance. To remove the shelf, fi rst slide it out as far as the guide allows it, then slightly lift it up and pull it out. Quickly perishable food should be stored on the back i.e. the coldest part of the shelves.

If you need space to store higher objects (bottles, jars, jugs) in the refrigerator you can remove the front part of the shelf, relocate it to a lower level, and obtain the required space.

It is protected against accidental slide out.

The rack can only be pulled out when it is empty. Lift the back part of the rack and pull it towards yourself. The rack should be placed in the appliance in such way to allow unobstructed door closing.

Maximum capacity is 9 bottles of 0,75 l, or 13 kg of total mass

– see label on the right side of cabinet interior.


• Crisp tray below the glass shelf at the bottom of the refrigerator is used for storage of fruit and vegetables. It retains the right level of moisture and prevents drying out.

Removable snack tray

• The refrigerator door lining consists of various shelves or holders used for storing cheese, butter, eggs, yogurt, and a stock of other smaller packages, tubes, cans etc. The bottom shelf is used for storing bottles.

• Fan xed under the ceiling or hidden behind the rear refrigerator panel or within the freezer compartment improves even distribution of temperature and decreases dew upon storage racks.

The tray is especially handy for cold cuts, cheese, etc ...

The drawer is pulled out by lifting the front part slightly and then pulling out. The handle may be moved sideways along with the drawer.

Refrigerator compartments:


top section:

canned food, bread, wine, cake, etc.


middle section:

dairy products, readymade food, desserts, juices, beer, TV-dinners, etc.


bottom section:

meat, meat products, delicatessen, etc.


vegetable drawer:

fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, etc.

In appliances without the ZERO’N’FRESH compartment, root vegetables, potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, tropical fruit, sauerkraut, turnip, etc. should also be stored in the vegetable drawer.


ZERO’N’FRESH compartment:

fresh meat, meat products, fi sh, other seafood (shell fi sh), dairy products, salad, fruit, vegetables, mayonnaise, sauces, etc.

Refrigerator door lining compartments:


top/middle section:

eggs, butter, cheese, …


bottom section:

beverages, cans, bottles, …

Freezer compartment:


upper shelf position:

for freezing (only with some models)


lower shelf position:

for storage (only with some models)



Key Features

  • Electronically regulated temperature control for precise cooling.
  • Spacious refrigerator compartment with adjustable shelves and door balconies for flexible storage.
  • Dedicated ZERO'N'FRESH compartment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods.
  • Four-star freezer compartment for efficient freezing and long-term food storage.
  • Reversible door hinge for convenient placement in any kitchen layout.
  • Self-closing shear door hinge for gentle and secure door closure.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the purpose of the ZERO'N'FRESH compartment?
The ZERO'N'FRESH compartment maintains a slightly cooler temperature than the refrigerator, creating an ideal environment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats.
Can I adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartments?
Yes, the DRS1022J features electronical temperature regulation, allowing you to set and adjust the temperature of both compartments independently for optimal food storage.
How do I change the direction of the door opening?
Refer to the 'Changing the Direction of Opening the Door' section in the instruction manual for detailed steps on how to reverse the door hinge.