Storage of food in the refrigerator. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J

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Storage of food in the refrigerator. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J | Manualzz

Storage of food in the refrigerator

• Proper use of the appliance, adequately packed food, correct temperature and hygienic precautions produce substantial impact on the quality of stored food.

• Always respect the best before date, printed on the packaging.

• Food to be stored in the refrigerator should be properly packed as to prevent emission and/or reception of moisture and odors.

• Never store in fl ammable, volatile or explosive substances.

• Beverages with high alcohol percentage shall be stored in tightly sealed bottles in vertical position.

• Some organic solutions like volatile oils in lemon or orange peel, acids in butter etc. can cause damage in prolonged contact with plastic surfaces or gaskets for longer period of time they can cause accelerated aging of the plastic material.

• Unpleasant odor inside the refrigerator is a sign that something is wrong with food or that your refrigerator needs cleaning (see chapter Cleaning).

• If you plan a longer absence, make sure you removed quickly perishable articles of food from the appliance before you leave.

Recommended periods of storing fresh food in the refrigerator


eggs, marinades, smoked meat, cheese carrots, etc… butter cake, fruit, TV-dinner dishes, raw chunks of meat fi sh, raw minced meat, seafood

Storage period

up to 10 days up to 10 days up to 8 days up to 7 days up to 2 days up to 1 day

Storing food in the ZERO’N’FRESH compartment

The ZERO’N’FRESH drawer enables storing a variety of fresh food for approximately three times as long as in a conventional refrigerator.

The food will remain fresh and retain its fl avor and nutrients for a longer period of time. Storing food in the ZERO’N’FRESH drawer prevents decay and loss of mass; thus, fruit and vegetables are more fresh and natural. Storage temperature is preset to approximately

0°C. The temperature may vary from -2°C to +3°C, depending on the temperature in the refrigerator. If the temperature of the environment where the appliance is installed is lower than 16°C, we recommend setting the refrigerator compartment temperature to 4°C or less.


Recommended storage time in the

ZERO’N’FRESH* drawer

For optimum operation, the drawer should be tightly closed.

• Moisture level in the drawer depends upon the moisture of stored food, and on the frequency of opening the drawer.

• When you buy food check its freshness: quality and durability of food depends on it.

• Store non-wrapped animal or vegetable food separately, or wrap it in suitable packages. Be careful to prevent touching of different types of meat. They should be packed and stored separately to avoid bacterial decomposition in case meat turns foul.

• Approximately 30-60 minutes prior use remove food from the drawer to let its aroma and taste develop at ambient temperature.

• Food sensitive to low temperatures is

not suitable

for storage in the ZERO’N’FRESH drawer: pineapple, avocado, bananas, olives, potato, eggplant, cucumber, beans, bell pepper, melons, water melons, pumpkins,...

Type of food

Sausages, cold cuts, beef, pork, venison, raw meat poultry fi sh seafood


cabbage, garlic, carrots celery, herbs lettuce, cauli fl ower, radicchio, rhubarb broccoli, asparagus, savoy, Chinese cabbage kohlrabi, radish onions, mushrooms, spinach, peas


apples pears, kiwi grapes, quince peaches blackcurrant, gooseberry, plums apricots, blueberries, cherries raspberries, strawberries


milk butter cheese

* depending on quality and freshness of food


up to 7 days up to 5 days up to 4 days up to 3 days up to 180 days up to 30 days up to 21 days up to 14 days up to 7 days up to 180 days up to 120 days up to 90 days up to 30 days up to 21 days up to 14 days up to 3-5 days up to 7 days up to 30 days up to 30 days



Key Features

  • Electronically regulated temperature control for precise cooling.
  • Spacious refrigerator compartment with adjustable shelves and door balconies for flexible storage.
  • Dedicated ZERO'N'FRESH compartment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods.
  • Four-star freezer compartment for efficient freezing and long-term food storage.
  • Reversible door hinge for convenient placement in any kitchen layout.
  • Self-closing shear door hinge for gentle and secure door closure.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the purpose of the ZERO'N'FRESH compartment?
The ZERO'N'FRESH compartment maintains a slightly cooler temperature than the refrigerator, creating an ideal environment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats.
Can I adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartments?
Yes, the DRS1022J features electronical temperature regulation, allowing you to set and adjust the temperature of both compartments independently for optimal food storage.
How do I change the direction of the door opening?
Refer to the 'Changing the Direction of Opening the Door' section in the instruction manual for detailed steps on how to reverse the door hinge.