Cleaning the appliance. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J

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Cleaning the appliance. Groupe Brandt DRS1024J, DRS1022J | Manualzz

defrost water and change it periodically.

• Never use powered appliances to defrost the freezer (hair dryer, etc.) -


• Avoid using defrosting sprays, as they may cause damage to the plastic parts and may be hazardous to health.

• Clean the interior of the appliance and wipe it dry (see chapter


• Before reloading food into the freezer switch the appliance on.

Cleaning the appliance

Prior any cleaning attempt disconnect the appliance from the mains

(see the control chapter for ON/OFF function), and pull the power cord from the mains wall outlet.

Special antibacterial protection in top layer of inner walls prevents multiplication of bacteria and maintains the interior clean and germ free.

Make sure to remove traces of any cleansing agents you had been using.

• Clean the of the appliance with water and liquid detergent.

• Do not use abrasive or aggressive agents (such as stainless steel cleansers) for cleaning of plastic and coated surfaces as you can damage them.

• Clean with soft cloth and alcohol based cleansing agent (for example glass cleaners).

• Wash the


of the appliance with liquid detergent and lukewarm water, mixed with a little vinegar.

• Containers, shelves, and drawers with a decorative pro fi le (metallic appearance) are not dishwasher safe! They can only be cleaned with a dissolved liquid detergent and a soft cloth. Do not rub them!

• Appliances without the ZERO’N’FRESH drawer: cooling surface on the rear wall is periodically defrosted. The drain groove and the outlet through which the water is discharged should not be clogged

(food residues).

Check them regularly and clean as required (e.g. with a plastic straw).

• The on the rear wall must always be clean and free of dust or kitchen fumes deposits, therefore clean the dust periodically with non-metallic brush or vacuum cleaner.


• Clean also the

drip pan

above the compressor. If you removed the pan, please make sure you replace it to the same position, and check that it is in completely horizontal position!

• Ice and/or frost deposits exceeding 3-5 mm increase energy consumption, so you need to remove them regularly. Do not use sharp pointed objects, solvents or sprays.

• After cleaning switch the appliance on and reload the food.



Key Features

  • Electronically regulated temperature control for precise cooling.
  • Spacious refrigerator compartment with adjustable shelves and door balconies for flexible storage.
  • Dedicated ZERO'N'FRESH compartment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods.
  • Four-star freezer compartment for efficient freezing and long-term food storage.
  • Reversible door hinge for convenient placement in any kitchen layout.
  • Self-closing shear door hinge for gentle and secure door closure.

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the purpose of the ZERO'N'FRESH compartment?
The ZERO'N'FRESH compartment maintains a slightly cooler temperature than the refrigerator, creating an ideal environment for preserving the freshness and flavor of delicate foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats.
Can I adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartments?
Yes, the DRS1022J features electronical temperature regulation, allowing you to set and adjust the temperature of both compartments independently for optimal food storage.
How do I change the direction of the door opening?
Refer to the 'Changing the Direction of Opening the Door' section in the instruction manual for detailed steps on how to reverse the door hinge.