Food safety. Groupe Brandt KGIT122FD

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Food safety

Identi fi cation of the cold area

The symbol above indicates the location of the coldest part of your refrigerator.

Coldest part:

less than or equal to +4°C.

Meat, poultry, fi sh, cooked pork meats, ready meals, prepared salads, dishes and desserts made with eggs or cream, fresh pasta, pastry, pizzas/quiches, fresh products and cheeses made with unpasteurised milk, plastic-packaged ready-to-use vegetables and, in general, any fresh products with a use-by date which requires them to be kept at a temperature less than or equal to +4°C.

Temperature indicator

Thermostat to be adjusted

Correct temperature

The temperature indicator enables you to check whether your refrigerator is working correctly.

The indicator displays “OK” when the coldest part reaches a temperature less than or equal to +4°C.

If the temperature is above +4°C, the indicator remains black.

In this case, the user should lower the temperature of his or her refrigerator by adjusting the thermostat.

PLEASE NOTE: Opening the refrigerator door for a long period causes the internal temperature to rise. In order to measure the temperature correctly, the indicator should be checked within 30 seconds of the door being opened.



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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the recommended temperature setting for the appliance?
The recommended thermostat knob setting for most refrigerators is to the ECO position, unless the room temperature is lower than 16°C, in which case it should be set to Max.
What is the SF/SC position on the control panel?
SF stands for "Super frost" and indicates fast freezing, while SC stands for "Super cool" and indicates fast cooling.
How do I change the direction of the door opening?
Tilt the appliance, unscrew the bottom hinge, disassemble as shown in Figure 3 of the manual, then reassemble the parts in the opposite turn, using the attached opposite hinge insert piece.
What should I do if the door seal does not rest well?
Remove the door seal and turn it by 180°.
How does the appliance temperature get set?
The appliance temperature is set by turning the button (B) on the control panel to the position between the Min and Max span.