Freezing and storage of frozen food. Groupe Brandt KGIT122FD

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Freezing and storage of frozen food. Groupe Brandt KGIT122FD | Manualzz

Freezing and storage of frozen food

• Activate the fast freeze function by pressing the button (C) for continuous operation 24 hours prior intended freezing.

- control unit 1 and 2: with knob B, position



- mechanical regulation: knob position approximately between

4 and 5.

After that, distribute the food evenly across the shelf in the upper position, making sure they are not in contact with the already frozen food packages. In appliances without the shelf, place the food on the bottom, closer to the front.

• After 24 hours you may relocate the food

to the storage compartment,

and repeat the freezing procedure if required.

You may also remove the drawers and store frozen food directly on cooling shelves.

• For freezing smaller quantities of fresh food (1-2 kg), the engagement of the fast freeze function is not required.

Freeze only such food which is suitable for freezing and sustain low temperatures. Food should be of adequate quality and fresh.

Select adequate packaging for each kind of food and pack it correctly.

The packaging should be air tight and well sealed without leaking since this could cause substantial vitamin loss and dehydration.

Mark packages with following data: kind and amount of foods and the date of loading.

It is imperative that food is frozen as quickly as possible. We therefore recommend the size of the package not to be too large and to be cooled before loading into the freezer.

The amount of the fresh foods that can be loaded in the freezer as a single load is declared on the rating plate. If the loaded amount is too large, the quality of freezing is reduced which in turn affects the quality of frozen foods.

The storage time and recommended temperature for storing commercially frozen foods is indicated on the packaging. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for storage and use of frozen food. When shopping be careful to choose only food which is adequately packed and provided with complete data and stored in freezers where the temperature never rises above -18°C.

Do not buy packages of food wrapped with frost. This indicates that the package was thawed before at least once.

Take care that packages don’t start to thaw during transport to your home. Temperature rise shortens the storage time and affects the quality of commercially frozen foods.



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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the recommended temperature setting for the appliance?
The recommended thermostat knob setting for most refrigerators is to the ECO position, unless the room temperature is lower than 16°C, in which case it should be set to Max.
What is the SF/SC position on the control panel?
SF stands for "Super frost" and indicates fast freezing, while SC stands for "Super cool" and indicates fast cooling.
How do I change the direction of the door opening?
Tilt the appliance, unscrew the bottom hinge, disassemble as shown in Figure 3 of the manual, then reassemble the parts in the opposite turn, using the attached opposite hinge insert piece.
What should I do if the door seal does not rest well?
Remove the door seal and turn it by 180°.
How does the appliance temperature get set?
The appliance temperature is set by turning the button (B) on the control panel to the position between the Min and Max span.