Defrosting the appliance. Groupe Brandt KGIT122FD

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Defrosting the appliance. Groupe Brandt KGIT122FD | Manualzz

Partially thawed or defrosted foods should be used as soon as possible. Cold air preserves the food but it does not destroy microorganisms which rapidly activate themselves after defrosting and make foods perishable.

Partial defrosting reduces the nutritional value of food, especially fruits, vegetables and readymade meals.

Defrosting the appliance

Refrigerator needs no special defrosting procedure, because ice deposited at the inner back wall is defrosted automatically.

Ice deposited on the inner back wall during the compressor operation is defrosted when the compressor stops operating, and condensed water drops are drained through the outlet in the inner back wall into the drain pan situated above the compressor where it evaporates. In case you should notice excessive ice formation at the rear refrigerator panel (3-5 mm thick), switch the appliance off and thaw it manually.

• Clean the freezer when the frost layer in the freezer reaches thickness of around 3-5 mm.

• 24 hours before defrosting activate the fast freeze function

(see relevant control chapter depending upon the model of the appliance – fast freezing) for continuous operation in order to additionally freeze the food inside. After that period take the food out of the freezer and protect them from excessive thawing.

• Switch the appliance off (see the relevant control chapter for ON/OFF function) and pull the power cord from the wall socket.

• Place a convenient absorbent cloth underneath to collect the defrost water and change it periodically.


Recommended periods of storing frozen food in the freezer

Food Period

Fruit, beef

Vegetables, veal, poultry from 10 to12 months from 8 to 10 months



Chopped (minced ) meat

Bread, pastry, TV-dinners, fat free fi sh


Smoked sausages, fat fi sh from 6 to 8 months from 4 to 6 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month


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Frequently Answers and Questions

What is the recommended temperature setting for the appliance?
The recommended thermostat knob setting for most refrigerators is to the ECO position, unless the room temperature is lower than 16°C, in which case it should be set to Max.
What is the SF/SC position on the control panel?
SF stands for "Super frost" and indicates fast freezing, while SC stands for "Super cool" and indicates fast cooling.
How do I change the direction of the door opening?
Tilt the appliance, unscrew the bottom hinge, disassemble as shown in Figure 3 of the manual, then reassemble the parts in the opposite turn, using the attached opposite hinge insert piece.
What should I do if the door seal does not rest well?
Remove the door seal and turn it by 180°.
How does the appliance temperature get set?
The appliance temperature is set by turning the button (B) on the control panel to the position between the Min and Max span.