Maintaining the Projector. Epson Multimedia Projector, V11H971040, VS260

Maintaining the Projector. Epson Multimedia Projector, V11H971040, VS260 | Manualzz

Maintaining the Projector

Follow the instructions in these sections to maintain your projector.


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Projector Maintenance

You may need to clean the projector's lens periodically, and clean the air filter and air vents to prevent the projector from overheating due to blocked ventilation.

The only parts you should replace are the lamp, air filter, and remote control batteries. If any other part needs replacing, contact Epson or an authorized

Epson servicer.


Before cleaning any part of the projector, turn it off and unplug the power cord.

Never open any cover on the projector, except as specifically explained in this manual. Dangerous electrical voltages in the projector can injure you severely.


Cleaning the Lens

Clean the projector's lens periodically, or whenever you notice dust or smudges on the surface.

• To remove dust or smudges, gently wipe the lens with lens-cleaning paper.

• To remove stubborn smudges, moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the lens. Do not spray any liquid directly on the lens.


Do not use a lens cleaner that contains flammable gas. The high heat generated by the projector lamp may cause a fire.


Do not use glass cleaner or any harsh materials to clean the lens and do not subject the lens to any impacts; otherwise, it could be damaged. Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a flammable residue.


Cleaning the Projector Case

Before cleaning the projector case, turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.

• To remove dust or dirt, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

• To remove stubborn dirt, use a soft cloth moistened with water and mild soap. Do not spray liquid directly on the projector.


Do not use wax, alcohol, benzene, paint thinner, or other chemicals to clean the projector case. These can damage the case. Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a flammable residue.


Air Filter and Vent Maintenance

Regular filter maintenance is important to maintaining your projector. Clean the air filer when a message appears telling you the temperature inside the projector has reached a high level. It is recommended that you clean these parts over a 10,000

‑ hour* or 6,000

‑ hour* period. Clean them more often than this if you use the projector in a particularly dusty environment.

* See "Projector Specifications" in the Appendix for the air filter maintenance period by model.


If regular maintenance is not performed, your Epson projector will notify you when the temperature inside the projector has reached a high level. Do not wait until this warning appears to maintain your projector filter as prolonged exposure to high temperatures may reduce the life of your projector or lamp.


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Cleaning the Air Filter and Vents

Clean the projector's air filter or vents if they get dusty, or if you see a message telling you to clean them.

a Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.



Gently remove the dust using a small vacuum designed for computers or a very soft brush (such as a paintbrush).


You can remove the air filter so that you can clean both sides. Do not rinse the air filter in water, or use any detergent or solvent to clean it.


Do not use canned air. The gases may leave a flammable residue or push dust and debris into the projector's optics or other sensitive areas.

c If dust is difficult to remove or the air filter is damaged, replace the air filter.

Replacing the Air Filter

You need to replace the air filter in the following situations:

• After cleaning the air filter, you see a message telling you to clean or replace it.

• The air filter is torn or damaged.

You can replace the air filter while the projector is mounted to the ceiling or placed on a table.

Air Filter and Vent Maintenance

a Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.


Open the air filter cover.

c Pull the air filter out of the projector.



Dispose of used air filters according to local regulations.

• Filter frame: ABS

• Filter: Polyurethane foam

Air Filter and Vent Maintenance

d Place the new air filter in the projector as shown and push gently until it clicks into place.

e Close the air filter cover.


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Projector Lamp Maintenance


The projector monitors the number of hours the lamp is used and displays this information in the projector's menu system.

Replace the lamp as soon as possible when the following occurs:

• The projected image gets darker or quality declines

• A message is displayed when you turn on the projector telling you to replace the lamp (the message is displayed 100 hours before the expected end of the lamp life and appears for 30 seconds)

• "Resetting the Lamp Timer" p.166

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Replacing the Lamp

You can replace the lamp while the projector is placed on a table or mounted to the ceiling.


• Let the lamp fully cool before replacing it to avoid injury.

• Never disassemble or modify the lamp. If a modified or disassembled lamp is installed in the projector, it could cause a fire, electric shock, or other damage or injury.

a b c

Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.

Allow the projector lamp to cool down for at least one hour.

Use the screwdriver included with the replacement lamp to loosen the screw securing the lamp cover.

• The projector's power indicator is flashing blue and its lamp indicator is flashing orange.


• If you continue to use the lamp after the replacement period has passed, the possibility that the lamp may explode increases. When the lamp replacement message appears, replace the lamp with a new one as soon as possible, even if it is still working.

• Do not repeatedly turn off the power and then immediately turn it back on.

Turning the power on and off frequently may shorten the lamp's operating life.

• Depending on the characteristics of the lamp and the way it has been used, the lamp may become darker or stop working before the lamp warning message appears. You should always have a spare lamp unit ready in case it is needed.

• We recommend the use of genuine Epson replacement lamps. The use of nongenuine lamps may affect projection quality and safety. Any damage or malfunction caused by the use of non-genuine lamps may not be covered by

Epson's warranty.


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Projector Lamp Maintenance


When replacing the lamp, there is a possibility that the lamp may be broken. If replacing the lamp of a projector which has been installed on the ceiling, you should always assume that the lamp is cracked, and you should stand to the side of the lamp cover, not underneath it. Remove the lamp cover gently. Be careful when removing the lamp cover as shards of glass may fall out and could cause an injury. If any shards of glass get into your eyes or mouth, contact a doctor immediately.

e Loosen the screws securing the lamp to the projector. The screws do not come all the way out.



Grip the raised section of the lamp and remove it.

d Slide the lamp cover out and lift it off.

Projector Lamp Maintenance


• If you notice the lamp is cracked when removing the lamp, contact Epson for help.

• The lamp(s) in this product contain mercury (Hg). Check your local laws and regulations regarding disposal or recycling. Do not put in the trash.

g Gently insert the new lamp into the projector. If it does not fit easily, make sure it is facing the right way.

h Push in the lamp firmly and tighten the screws to secure it.



Replace the lamp cover and tighten the screw to secure it.


Do not touch any glass on the lamp assembly to avoid premature lamp failure.

Projector Lamp Maintenance


• Make sure the lamp cover is securely installed or the lamp will not turn on.

• Do not replace the lamp cover with too much force and make sure the lamp cover is not deformed.

Reset the lamp timer to zero to monitor the new lamp's usage.


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Resetting the Lamp Timer

You must reset the lamp timer after replacing the projector's lamp to clear the lamp replacement message and to monitor lamp usage correctly.


Do not reset the lamp timer if you have not replaced the lamp to avoid inaccurate lamp usage information.

a b

Turn on the projector.

Press the [Menu] button, select the


menu, and press [Enter].

c Select

Reset Lamp Hours

and press [Enter].

You see a prompt asking if you want to reset the lamp hours.


Select e


and press [Enter].

Press [Menu] or [Esc] to exit the menus.


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