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INSTALLATION PROCESS. EMS Sky Connect Series | Manualzz


Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1




Note: Make a plan to cover the follow items in depth in this manual.



2.1.1 G.P.S. interface, or use of an internal G.P.S.

2.1.2 Event switches, optional

2.1.3 Diagnostic port, must be installed for configuration

2.1.4 Configuration/SIM module, optional

2.1.5 Selection of Dialers optional



Check to make sure the card is activated, call Sky Connect

You will need to know the following information;

2.2.1 The IMEI # of your unit

2.2.2 Model #

2.2.3 Serial #

2.2.4 Credit Card or billing information for monthly service

2.2.5 Aircraft type and registration number

2.2.6 Complete contact information for customer using the product

2.2.7 Send in activation form to turn on the unit with satellite system, please fill out the form as accurately as possible to make the process as smooth as possible

2.2.8 The form may be filled out on the web at



2.3.1 Pay close attention to the length of coax from the antenna to RT

2.3.2 Follow manual instructions on placement near other Sat COM and Comm antennas


Notebook computer with “tracker setup” program, CD included with RT



2.5.1 How the event switches were wired

2.5.2 What type of switches, MOM, ALT, Press

2.5.3 What phone numbers need to be entered (optional)

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Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1



Decide what mapping system is to be used for tracking the aircraft.

Setup an account with that provider and secure ID and passwords.

Make sure this installation is added to the account that handles the mapping.

It is the responsibility of the owner to add aircraft to the mapping system, Sky

Connect can NOT do that for you unless it is the Sky Connect Webmap you are using.



2.7.1 Wire system as drawn, you the installer are responsible to the FAA for methods and practices used during the installation.

2.7.2 Continuity checks.

2.7.3 Power polarity checks.



2.8.1 Configure RT to work with event switches as connected in wiring

2.8.2 Configure external G.P.S. to talk to Sky Connect RT, Aviation or NMEA RS232 format data

2.8.3 Enter phone numbers (optional)


TRACKER RULES ( the ugly 14 rules)

Before the tracker can be used to display data on a map, the rules of operation must be understood. The following will outline those rules.

2.9.1 The transceiver must send data.

In order to send data the transceiver must have an active LBT sending SBD.

This is done from the activation form.

The transceiver must have an active SIM card.

The transceiver must have been configured for the aircraft type.

Helicopters may use collective or squat switches.

Airplanes may use squat switches.

The transceiver must have the report intervals set.

The aircraft must be outside and have a clear view of the sky.

The aircraft antenna system must be installed I.A.W. our instructions.

To display a complete flight, the aircraft must send Departure, Scheduled reports, and an Arrival message to define a complete flight. This is done

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Rev. 2.1

through the proper setting of the squat switch, and or software settings from the tracker setup configuration software.


Date: 7/27/2011

Our server must be set to pass the data on to the proper map program.

Our server must have been set up for the customer (activation form completed and sent in to our office).

The map program must be set to receive the data from our server.

The map program must have a profile setup to display the aircraft correctly.

If email notification is desired we must have the email addresses (activation form).


Sky Connect Tracker Capabilities Notes


The following is a recommendation and suggested options available to the user of the Sky Connect Tracker Series. We hope not to limit your imagination on how you can apply the rules of the system, only make some common suggestions.

Event Switch Use

Most important of the options that an end customer can take advantage of with the tracker is the eight (8) event switches. When one of the switches is closed or opened, and event report is sent to the ground server alerting the software to this action. Each event is defined either by the Sky Connect

Server ie Squat switch, or by the end user through the ground mapping software or the Tracker Configuration software.

Each switch input can be configured to one of the following types of inputs:

Toggle Switch - This type of switch selection in the tracker set up software will send an event report when the switch is closed (set) and when it is again opened.

Press Switch - this is a momentary action switch, and sends one event report per press.

Squat Switch - Has a specific purpose, to report that the aircraft has taken off

(open) or has landed (closed).

Dialer - used to dial one of the pre-programmed phone numbers if you are using the 6 or 11 position dialer panels. Use of the 11 position dialer takes up 4 of the 8 event switches and limits use for various other inputs.

Inhibit - This switch input will prevent the tracker from transmitting the position data.

The 11 position dialer 1616-052-0X will make use of 7 of the provided 8

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allowing only one left for the squat switch input if desired.


Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1


The predetermined functions of the switches on the 11 position dialer are:


Emergency - typically to declare and aircraft emergency.

Code - used mostly by EMS operators to declare a patient emergency.

Position - mark a position of interest to the pilot or crew.

Dialer - 4 event switches are used to dial the programmed numbers.

The MMU does not use any of the event switches so all 8 are available.

Suggested uses for the event switches would be:

Connect to an oil pressure switch to automatically send an event report when oil pressure is lost, to the ground.

Connect to a low rotor RPM warning when rotor speed is insufficient, to the ground.

Connect to an over temp/torque light to report this event to the ground.

Connect to a relay to let the ground know a circuit breaker has been pulled.

This has been used in the past on lease aircraft to allow the leaser to know when the pilot has made an attempt to disable the time reporting system, being the Sky Connect system itself.

Any event the operator would wish to know has occurred in flight, can be recorded to the ground by the use of a switch closure. The logic can be inverse by the use of a relay. More than one event can be grouped to one event switch by the use of diodes.

Example: the ground might want to know that an event has occurred that would require ground maintenance. You might not need to know that a specific event has occurred immediately, but that something has occurred. Connecting all the engine events to one input isolated by diodes would report such an event.

Note: Connection of aircraft “required systems” through the tracker (a nonessential system) will require FAA or other airworthiness approval. Engineering showing compliance with XX.1309 will have to be completed. Minor or major change/alteration determination is up to the installer.

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Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1

Server Software Options

Sky Connect Server Software is capable of the following settings.

Sending an email when the unit has missed a report. This is determined in the software by looking at the report rate interval and making the determination that an interval has passed without a report from the transceiver. The system waits an additional 5 minutes, and if another report has not come through to the server, sends an email(s) to an individual or a table of addresses for missed report alarm, a.k.a. Overdue.

Sending an email for EVERY report the unit makes. Some operators use this to determine if the unit is tracking in lew of a software program.

Flight summary reports can be sent by email, with information on the distance, time and takeoff/landing locations. This email may be sent to one or many persons in a email table.

Mapping Software Options

There are many mapping programs designed for either a wide customer base, or designed for very specific operator use. These programs have their own manuals and should be consulted based on which program you choose.

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Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1

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