APPENDIX A Troubleshooting. EMS Sky Connect Series

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APPENDIX A Troubleshooting. EMS Sky Connect Series | Manualzz


Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1


APPENDIX A Troubleshooting


Description of Problem


Tracker System light flashes software rev, shortly thereafter the light goes solid and remains solid.

There are no transmissions and the light never winks even when it’s sending interval has been passed.

Table 12

Possible Causes

Verify that you are not currently connected to the Tracker Setup Program, or the diagnostic port.

If a separate Data connector (9 wire for PC calls) has been installed, check shielding of the cable. You may need to install an

Icarus Instruments data feed through connector.

After running the Tracker Setup software the boxes in the window do not populate.

Contact Technical Support.

Make sure that you waited the full 2 minutes to allow the transceiver to complete the power on test before starting the Tracker Setup software.

Make sure you have a true 9 pin serial port connection, and that you are not using a

USB adapter.

Call tech support.

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Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1

Description of Problem

Tracker system light pulses, and goes solid, but winks off every five seconds. It continues to pulse, then goes solid followed by the wink off without any pause

(constantly trying to transmit).

Possible Causes

No communication is being made with the

Iridium Network.

Verify Signal Strength using Tracker Setup


Verify unit is outside, clear of obstructions


Verify customers service plan is fully activated with Service provider.

Verify that Inmarsat system, if on aircraft is deactivated or properly filtered.

Verify cable length and type is appropriate to achieve not more than 3dB loss at 1.6


Check antenna placement on aircraft to be free of obstructions or shadowing.

Verify SIM Card PIN is deactivated. SIM comes de-pinned from factory, but a change in SIM card in the field can cause problems.

Check all antenna connections and cable.

Contact the Factory.

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Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1

Description of Problem

MMU display never reaches the “READY” page

Possible Causes

The initial power on test of the MMU and hand shaking with the transceiver should follow the below sequence.





The MMU should indicate software version and MSet version

MMU will display a “MMU


After a pause, the MMU should display the Tracker Transceiver software and the software in the

LBT. This would be at least V4.7, and ISO6004.

MMU should display “Ready” and the signal strength.

If you don’t see the MMU version the MMU has failed. If you do not see the transceiver version, the communication between the

MMU and the transceiver has failed.

Check wiring between the MMU and

Transceiver in the later case.

If you never see the Ready Page, the unit has not registered on the Iridium network.

Check SIM card activation, antenna and antenna coax.

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Date: 7/27/2011

Rev. 2.1



Samples of the FAA approved ICAs can be found at the Sky Connect website

under the support tab, and the manuals and guides link.

ICAs are provided for the various STCs Sky Connect holds on its products. These

ICAs may be used as reference material to develop your own ICA for an installation not covered by one of the STCs.

If you require assistance with certification issues, please call Technical Services group at 985-863-0954.

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