POWER ON. Olivetti D-COPIA 150, d-Copia 120/150

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POWER ON. Olivetti D-COPIA 150, d-Copia 120/150 | Manualzz


Ensure that the power switch of the unit is in the OFF position. Insert the attached power cord into the power cord socket at the rear of the unit. Plug the other end of the power cord into the nearest outlet. Turn the power switch on the left side of the unit to the "ON" position. The start ( ) indicator will light up and other indicators which show the initial settings of the operation panel will also light up to indicate the ready condition. For the initial settings, see the "Initial settings of operation panel" described on the next page.

If you use the unit in a country other than the country where the unit was purchased, you will need to make sure that your local power supply is compatible with your model. If you plug the unit into an incompatible power supply, irreparable damage to the unit will result.

Only insert the power cord into a properly grounded wall socket.

Do not use extension cords or power strips.

The unit will enter a power save mode once the set time has elapsed without any unit operation . The settings of the power save modes can be modified. See "USER PROGRAMS" (p.53).

• The unit will return to the initial settings a preset amount of time after the end of copy, or scanner job. The preset amount of time (auto clear time) can be changed. See "USER PROGRAMS" (p.53).


About the scan head

The scan head lamp remains on constantly when the unit is in the ready condition

(when the Start indicator is illuminated).

The unit adjusts the scan head lamp periodically to maintain copying quality. At this time, the scan head moves automatically. This is normal and does not indicate unit trouble.

Initial settings of operation panel

When the unit power is on, the operation panel will revert to the initial settings when the time set with the "Auto clear time" setting (p.52) elapses after a copy or scanner job is finished, or when the clear ( ) key is pressed twice.

The initial settings of the operation panel are shown below.




A5 A4

A4 B5

A4 A5


"0" is displayed in the display

When copying is begun in this state, the settings in the following table are used.

Copy quantity

Exposure adjustment


1 copy



Power off methods

If not used for a certain period of time, the unit will automatically enter auto power shut-off mode (p.52) in order to minimize power consumption. In cases where the machine will not be used for a long time, turn off the power switch and remove the power cord from the outlet.



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