LOADING THE PAPER TRAY. Olivetti D-COPIA 150, d-Copia 120/150

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LOADING THE PAPER TRAY. Olivetti D-COPIA 150, d-Copia 120/150 | Manualzz



Raise the handle of the paper tray and pull the paper tray out until it stops.


Remove the pressure plate lock. Rotate the pressure plate lock in the direction of the arrow to remove it while pressing down the pressure plate of the paper tray.



Store the pressure plate lock which has been removed in step 2.

To store the pressure plate lock, rotate the lock to fix it on the relevant location.

Pressure plate lock


Adjust the paper guides on the paper tray to the copy paper width and length. Squeeze the lever of paper guide


and slide the guide to match with the width of the paper. Move paper guide


to the appropriate slot as marked on the tray.




Fan the paper and insert it into the tray. Make sure the edges go under the corner hooks.

Do not load paper above the maximum height line ( the line will cause a paper misfeed.

). Exceeding


Gently push the paper tray back into the unit.

• After loading paper, to cancel the blinking copying, press the clear ( ) key. The

without restarting

in the display will go out and the start ( ) indicator will light up.

• Be sure that paper is free of rips, dust, wrinkles, and curled or bent edges.

• Make sure all the paper in the stack is the same size and type.

When loading paper, ensure there is no space between the paper and the guide, and check if the guide is not set too narrow causing the paper to bend. Loading paper in these ways will result in document skew or a paper jam.

When not using the unit for an extended period, remove all paper from the paper tray and store it in a dry place. If paper is left in the unit for an extended period, the paper will absorb moisture from the air, resulting in paper jams.

• When adding new paper to the paper tray, remove the old paper already contained in the tray. Placing new paper on top of the paper already contained in the tray may result in feeding two sheets at one time.


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