USING THE PRINTER MODE. Olivetti D-COPIA 150, d-Copia 120/150

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USING THE PRINTER MODE. Olivetti D-COPIA 150, d-Copia 120/150 | Manualzz



For problems with the printer function, see the On Line Manual or the

Help file for the driver.

Opening the printer driver from the start menu

Open the printer driver setup screen by either of the methods shown below.


Click the "start" button.


Click "Control Panel", select "Printers and Other Hardware", and then click " Printers and Faxes.

On Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000, select "Settings" and click "Printers".


Click the "Olivetti d-Copia 150" printer driver icon in the

"Printers" window and from the "File" menu, select "Properties.

On windows NT 4.0, select "Document Defaults" to open the printer driver setup screen.


Click the "Printing Preferences" button in the "General" tab.

On Windows 95/98/Me, click the "Setup" tab.

The printer driver setup screen will appear.

Refer to the Windows manual or help file for more information on the "General" tab, "Details" tab, "Color Management" tab and

"Sharing" tab.

How to print

If copying is being performed when printing is started, copying will continue. After copying is complete, printing will be executed when the clear ( ) key is pressed twice, the ON LINE key is pressed to switch the unit to the online state or approximately 60 seconds (auto clear time)* elapse.

* The auto clear time varies with a user program setting. See "USER

PROGRAMS" (p.53).

• Preheat mode and auto power shut-off mode will be canceled when printing is started.

If the paper size specified from the software application is larger than the paper size in the printer, part of the image that is not transferred to the paper may remain on the surface of the drum. In this case, the backside of the paper may become dirty. If this occurs, change to the correct size paper and print two or three pages to clean the image.

If you start a print job while a scan job is in progress, the print data will be stored in the unit's memory. When the scan job is completed, printing will begin.


Make sure that the paper of the desired size and type is loaded in the tray.

The procedure for loading paper is the same as for loading copier papier.

See "LOADING PAPER" (p.14)

When printing from the single bypass, configure the settings in the printer driver first, execute printing, and then load the paper.



Open the document you intend to print, and select "Print" from the application's "File" menu.


Make sure that "Olivetti d-Copia 150" is selected as the current printer. If you intend to change any print setting, click the

"Preferences" button to open the setting dialog.

On Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0, click the "Properties" button.

On Windows 2000, the "Properties" button does not appear. Set your preferences by switching the tab in the "Print" dialog box.


Specify the print settings including the number of copies, media type, and print quality, and then click the "Print" button to start printing.

On Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0, click the "OK" button to start printing.

For details on print settings, see the online manual or the help file for the printer driver.

When using the single bypass

After appears in the display, wait until the Paper feed location indicator for the single bypass illuminates and insert the paper. The machine will automatically draw in the paper and begin printing.



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