Installing and operating your fridge freezer. De Dietrich DRP772MJ, DRH914JE

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Installing and operating your fridge freezer. De Dietrich DRP772MJ, DRH914JE | Manualzz

and ice cubes immediately after you have taken them out of the freezer compartment!

• Do not touch frozen goods with wet hands. Do not eat ice-cream or ice cubes immediately after you have taken them out of the ice-making compartment.

• Do not cover the body or top of fridge with lace. This affects the performance of your fridge freezer.

• Secure any accessories in the fridge freezer during transportation to prevent damage to the accessories.

Installing and operating your fridge freezer

Before starting to use your fridge freezer, you should pay attention to the following points:

• The operating voltage for your fridge freezer is 220-240 V at 50Hz.

• The plug must be accessible after installation.

• Your fridge may have a smell when it is operated for the first time. This is normal and the smell will fade away when your fridge freezer starts to cool.

• Before connecting your fridge freezer, ensure that the information on the data plate

(voltage and connected load) matches that of the mains electricity supply. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.

• Insert the plug into a socket with an efficient ground connection. If the socket has no ground contact or the plug does not match, we recommend that you consult a qualified electrician for assistance.

• The appliance must be connected with a properly installed fused socket. Power supply

(AC) and voltage at the operating point must match with the details on the name plate of the appliance (name plate is located on the inside left of the appliance).

• We do not accept responsibility for any damages that occur due to ungrounded usage.

• Place your fridge freezer where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

• Your fridge freezer should never be used outdoors or exposed to rain.

• Your appliance should be at least 50 cm away from stoves, gas ovens and heater cores, and at least 5 cm away from electrical ovens.

• When your fridge freezer is placed next to a deep freezer, there should be at least 2 cm between them to prevent humidity forming on the outer surface.

• Do not place heavy items on the appliance.

• Clean the appliance thoroughly, especially the interior, before use (see

Cleaning and Maintenance).

• The installation procedure into the kitchen unit is given in the installation manual. This product is intended to be used in proper kitchen units only.

• Before using your fridge freezer, wipe all parts with a solution of warm water and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, then rinse with clean water and dry.

Place all parts in the fridge freezer after cleaning.

• Install the plastic distance guide (the part with black vanes at the rear) by turning it 90° (as shown in the figure) to prevent the condenser from touching the wall.

• The fridge freezer should be placed against a wall with a free space not exceeding 75 mm.

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