Before Using your fridge freezer. De Dietrich DRP772MJ, DRH914JE

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Before Using your fridge freezer. De Dietrich DRP772MJ, DRH914JE | Manualzz

Before Using your fridge freezer

• When using your fridge freezer for the first time, or after transportation, keep it in an upright position for at least 3 hours before plugging into the mains. This allows efficient operation and prevents damage to the compressor.

• Your fridge freezer may have a smell when it is operated for the first time. This is normal and the smell will fade away when your fridge freezer starts to cool.

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Information on the Frost Free technology

The Frost Free refrigerators are different from the other static refrigerators in terms of their operational system.

In normal fridge freezers, the humidity entering the fridge freezer due to opening the door and the humidity inherent in the food causes freezing in the freezer compartment. To defrost the frost and ice in the freezer compartment, you are periodically required to turn off the fridge, place the food that needs to be kept frozen in a separately cooled container and remove the ice gathered in the freezer compartment.

The situation is completely different in no-frost refrigerators. Dry and cold air is blown into the fridge and freezer compartments homogeneously and evenly from several points via a blower fan. Cold air dispersed homogeneously and evenly between the shelves cools all of your food equally and uniformly, thus preventing humidity and freezing.

Therefore your no-frost fridge freezer allows you ease of use, in addition to its huge capacity and stylish appearance.

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