Thermostat setting. De Dietrich DRP772MJ, DRH914JE

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Thermostat setting. De Dietrich DRP772MJ, DRH914JE | Manualzz

Thermostat setting

Cooling compartment

It ensures that the temperature settings in the cooling and freezing compartments of your refrigerator are performed automatically. It may be set to any value ranging from 1 to 5. As you turn the thermostat setting knob from 1 to 5, the temperature decreases. To save energy in winter months, operate your refrigerator in a lower position.

Fridge compartment thermostat knob;

4 - 5 : For further cooling.

2 - 3 : For normal use.

1 : For less cooling.

Thermostat knob

Warnings for Temperature Settings

• The ambient temperature, temperature of the freshly stored food and how often the door is opened affects the temperature in the refrigerator compartment. If required, change the temperature setting.

• It is not recommended that you operate your fridge in environments colder than 10°C in terms of its efficiency.

• The thermostat should be set by taking into consideration how often the fresh food and freezer doors are opened and closed, how much food is stored in the refrigerator, and the environment in which the refrigerator is located.

• When you first switch on the appliance, you should ideally try to run it without any food in for 24 hours and not open the door. If you need to use it straight away, try not to put a large quantity of food inside.

• A 5 minute delay function is included to prevent damage to the compressor of your fridge, when you unplug it and then plug it in again to operate it, or when an energy breakdown occurs. Your fridge will start to operate normally after 5 minutes.

• Your fridge is designed to operate in the ambient temperature intervals stated in the standards, according to the climate class stated in the information label. It is not recommended that your fridge is operated in the environments which are out of the stated temperature intervals. This will reduce the cooling efficiency of the fridge.

Climate class Ambient Temperature (


Between 16 and 43 o




• This appliance is designed for use at an ambient temperature within the 10°C -

43°C range.




Between 16 and 38 o


Between 16 and 32

Between 10 and 32 o o



EN - 34 -


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