Controls, Indicators, and Connections. Welch Allyn 42MTB, 420TB, 42NTB, 42NOB, 42MOB, 4200B

Controls, Indicators, and Connections. Welch Allyn 42MTB, 420TB, 42NTB, 42NOB, 42MOB, 4200B


Controls, Indicators, and Connections

In this section, all drawing and text are representative of the Spot Vital Signs with all available options. Your device may not include all functions, depending on the options purchased.

Unpacking Checklist

Unpack the Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs and applicable accessories, identify each item with the following checklist and inspect for missing items. Retain the shipping materials in the event of shipping damage or for return, if necessary, to Welch Allyn for repair or warranty service. All Spot Vital Signs include the following components:

Spot Vital Signs Device.

This device automatically measures and displays blood pressure and pulse rate. Options include thermometry and pulse oximetry.

Directions for Use Manual.

Read this manual thoroughly before using Spot Vital Signs.

Save this manual for reference.

Warranty Card.

This card validates the Spot Vital Signs warranty. Fill out the warranty card and mail it today.

Blood Pressure Cuff.

Latex free blood pressure cuff with connectors. Other size cuffs are available separately.

Blood Pressure Hose.

Latex-free pressure hose with connectors to attach various sizes of blood pressure cuffs to the Spot Vital Signs.

AC Power Transformer and Cord Assembly.

Provides power to the Spot Vital Signs and charges the internal battery.

Quick Reference/Error Code Card.

Attach this quick operating and error code guide to the device handle, mobile stand, or wall mount.

Possible Attachments

Spot Vital Signs may include the following items based on the model and accessories purchased:

SureTemp Temperature Probe and Covers.

One oral temperature probe (blue cap) and one box of 25 single-use, disposable probe covers.

Pulse Oximetry (SpO



The finger clip SpO


sensor and extension cable are for use with adult and pediatric patients. Other sensors are available separately.


Report any signs of shipping damage to the carrier. If an item is missing or damaged, contact the Welch Allyn Service Center near you.



Front Panel Functions

Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs

Thermometer Eject Button

: push to remove used temperature probe cover.

Pressure Preset Button

: pressing this button allows the user to change the factory inflation default for one reading.

Mode Button:

• holding for 2 seconds while the display is active turns off/on the backlight.

• in Standby Mode, recalls the last patient information.

• with the temperature probe removed from the probe holder, switches the temperature from

Oral to Axillary Mode.

SYS kPa (mmHg)

DIA kPa (mmHg)




/ min

Spot Vital Signs

Next Patient/Clear/Cancel Button:

• active display: clears the display.

• in Standby Mode: recalls the last patient information. Pressing a second time clears the screen.

• cancels an active blood pressure measurement and deflates the cuff.

Blood Pressure Start/Stop Button

: initiates a new blood pressure cycle.

Pressing again cancels an active blood pressure measurement and deflates the cuff.

Pressure Hose Connector

: port for blood pressure hose.

Power Button

: controls power to the device.

Directions for Use

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

The LCD may indicate any of the following: systolic blood pressure (mmHg or kPa), diastolic blood pressure (mmHg or kPa), temperature (


F or


C), thermometer mode, pulse rate, pulse signal level, SpO


, MAP (mmHg or kPa), and battery charge level.


Option no longer available.

SYS mmHg

DIA mmHg

Systolic and Diastolic display:

if MAP is turned on, the screen toggles between the systolic and diastolic values, and the word

“MAP” and the MAP value.


: indicates that the user must set/re-set the current date and time.

Measurement Indicator

displays the blood pressure, SpO2, or temperature icon as Spot

Vital Signs is taking the respective measurement.





/ min






: shows the percent saturation of arterial hemoglobin (for devices with SpO



Pulse Display

: shows the pulse rate.

Temperature Display and Indicator:

shows the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius (for devices with

SureTemp only).

Monitor Mode Temperature

: indicates the thermometer is in Monitor Mode (for devices with SureTemp only).

Out-of-range indicator:

shows the patient’s temperature reading above or below the measurement range limits (for devices with SureTemp only).

Icon not used.

Thermometer Mode icon:

shows temperature mode (for devices with SureTemp only).

Temperature Probe Problem

: indicates a temperature probe problem

(for devices with SureTemp only).

Battery Level indicator

Battery Charging

: indicates the device is powered through the AC power transformer.

: displays the battery charge level.



Top, Side, and Rear Panel Connections

Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs

Probe Cover Storage Compartment

: storage space for one box of probe covers.



Cable Connection Port

(for units with SpO



Temperature Probe Holder

: storage space for the temperature probe when not in use (for devices with SureTemp only).

Suretemp Thermometer

Connection Port

(for devices with SureTemp only).

Battery Door

IR Data Interface


Port for communicating with an external device.

AC Power

Connection Port

Threaded Insert

: to mount the

Spot Vital Signs to a mobile stand.

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