Maintenance. Welch Allyn 42MTB, 420TB, 42NTB, 42NOB, 42MOB, 4200B

Maintenance. Welch Allyn 42MTB, 420TB, 42NTB, 42NOB, 42MOB, 4200B



Welch Allyn will make available,upon request, circuit diagrams and other information which will assist appropriately qualified technical personnel in repair of this device. Please

reference “4200-89E” on page 61.


Spot Vital Signs


Do not use ethyl alcohol to clean the Spot Vital Signs device.


Do not sterilize or autoclave the Spot Vital Signs.

Occasionally wipe the Spot Vital Signs, as necessary, with a cloth slightly dampened with appropriately diluted, non-staining disinfectant solution. Use either 70% isopropyl alcohol,

10% chlorine bleach solution, or mild detergent in warm water. Never immerse the Spot

Vital Signs in any type of fluid.


Prevent water or other fluids from entering any connectors. Should this occur, dry the connectors with warm air. Check all measurement functions for proper operation.

Blood Pressure Cuff


Do not press with a hot iron.

Clean the blood pressure cuff with a damp cloth, or wash in water with soap or detergent.

Before washing the blood pressure cuff, remove the tube fitting(s), close off tubes with plugs (available as accessory 5082-163) and place the hook and loop fasteners in the closed position. After washing, allow the blood pressure cuff to air dry. Re-assemble the tube fitting(s).


: You may use glutaraldehyde-type liquid disinfectants on the durable blood pressure cuff. Prolonged use of these disinfectants at full strength may cause discoloration of the white blood pressure cuff markings.


Do not use steam or heat to sterilize the blood pressure cuff or pressure hose. If necessary, use gas sterilization.



Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs

Cables and Pressure Hose

Wipe the cabling and pressure hose with a damp cloth moistened in a mild detergent solution. Do not immerse.

Temperature Probe

Periodically wipe the temperature probe clean with an alcohol-dampened cloth, warm water, or properly diluted, non-staining disinfectant. Do not immerse the probe.





Do not immerse the sensor in water, solvents, or cleaning solutions

(the sensors and connections are not waterproof). Do not use irradiation, steam, or ethylene oxide for sterilization.

Clean the reusable SpO


sensor with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and allow to air dry.

Do not immerse the sensor or cable.

Every 3 months, inspect the temperature probe, SpO


cord, and accessories for fraying or other damage. Replace as necessary.

Battery Removal and Replacement


Only use the Welch Allyn 4200-84 lead acid battery. Using the incorrect battery will cause damage to the Spot Vital Signs and void the warranty.

As necessary, replace the internal battery after heavy use or the battery no longer charges. Use a battery with the same part number.


Turn the Spot Vital signs off and disconnect the AC power transformer cord.


Remove the 4 screws holding the battery door using a phillips-head screwdriver.

Remove the battery door to expose the battery.


Tip the Spot Vital Signs to slide the battery out. Disconnect and discard the old battery per local regulations. Reconnect the new battery as shown as quickly as possible to prevent loss of power to the unit and subsequent loss of clock time.



Directions for Use


Slide the new battery completely into the compartment. Lay the connector on the battery. The relief pocket in the battery door purposely provides sufficient clearance for the battery connector .


Relief Pocket


Battery Connector


Replace the battery door and tighten each of the 4 screws.


Connect the AC power transformer to the Spot Vital Signs and charge the new battery for 16 hours. It is possible to use the Spot Vital Signs during this charging period.

The battery is a lead-acid battery. In the USA, call 1-800-SAV-LEAD for instructions on how to recycle. For users outside the US please contact your local authorities on recycling.

Masimo SpO


Calibration Check

Use a Masimo-approved SpO


simulator (Fluke Biotek Index 2 or Clinical Dynamics

SmartSat) to check the SpO


accuracy. There is no way to change the calibration of the



module. If the SpO


is out of calibration, contact Technical Service.

Nellcor SpO


Functional Check

Use a Nellcor SpO


simulator (SRC-MAX ) to check the SpO


functionality. There is no way to change the functionality of the SpO


module. If the SpO


is not functioning properly, contact Technical Service.



Accessory Disposal

Dispose of all finger sensors and cables in accordance with facility, local, and goverment regulations.

Temperature Calibration Check

Use the 9600 Plus Calibration Tester to check the SureTemp thermometer accuracy. If the thermometer is out of calibration, contact Technical Service.


Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs

Service Manual/Spare Parts

A Service Manual is available upon request to qualified electronic personnel. The Service

Manual is a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting, service, and repair of the Spot Vital


Also included with the Service Manual is a complete spare parts list. Order spare parts

from your local Welch Allyn Service Center listed on page ii.

Service Loaners

Service loaners are provided, on request, when a Welch Allyn Service Center provides service. Loaners for products repaired while under the original warranty, or while under extended warranty or service contract, are provided free of charge and are shipped within

48 hours of notification of need. Welch Allyn pays the shipment charges.

For service repairs outside of warranty or contract, loaners are available for a nominal daily charge and shipment. This is subject to availability. Loaners are shipped pre-paid; however, this charge is added to the service charges.

Service Policy

A Welch Allyn Service Center must approve and perform all repairs on products under warranty.

Unauthorized repairs will void the warranty

. Qualified electronics personnel or a

Welch Allyn service center should repair products out of warranty.

Technical Assistance

If you have an equipment problem that you cannot resolve, call the Welch Allyn Service

Center nearest you during normal business days at the phone numbers listed on page ii.

If you are advised to return a product to Welch Allyn for repair or routine maintenance, schedule the repair with the service center nearest you.

Before returning a product for repair, you must obtain authorization from Welch

Allyn. Our service personel will give you a Service Notification number. Note this number on the outside of your shipping box. Service centers will not accept returns without a Service Notification number for delivery.

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