Installation Instructions. Audiovox 1286565, AXT-1200

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Installation Instructions. Audiovox 1286565, AXT-1200 | Manualzz


1. Select a mounting area where the amplifier will have sufficient air circulation for proper cooling.

Inadequate air circulation will cause the temperature of the amplifier to rise and will trigger the thermal protection mode.

2. Place the amplifier on the mounting surface and mark the locations of the four mounting holes as shown in the illustration.

3. Remove the amplifier and drill a 1/8" hole at each of the four locations.


Before drilling the holes, look at the underside of the mounting surface. Always check carefully to avoid drilling into wiring, braces, fuel or brake lines.


4. Secure the amplifier to the mounting surface using

The self-tapping screws provided.




The wiring of your amplifier will depend on the system and speakers you are using but will either be a stereo, mono, or mixed-mono application. The following pages illustrate the input and output wiring for these types. please refer to the appropriate diagrams for the system configuration you are using. The power and speakers wire connections for this amplifier are made via screw tightened terminal blocks. Loosen the screw for the connection to be made and fully insert the wire

(strip 1/2" of insulation from the end) under the respective screw on the side panel (crimp-on "U" terminals are provided to simplify wiring and we recommend their use.). Tighten the screw down to secure the wire.

1. Power Connection

The battery terminal (BATT) must be connected directly to the positive terminal of the vehicle battery to provide an adequate voltage source and minimize noise. Connecting the battery terminal lead to any other point (such as the fuse

#) wire for this lead and connect it to the terminal of the battery after all other wiring is completed.

2. Ground Connection

The ground terminal (GND) connection is also critical to the correct operation of the amplifier. Use a wire of the same a metal part of the vehicle close to the mounting location. This wire should be as short as possible and any paint or rust at the grounding point should be scraped away to provide a clean metal surface to which the end of the ground wire can be screwed or bolted.

3. Remote Turn-On Connection

The amplifier is turned on by applying +12 volts to the remote turn-on terminal (REM). The wire lead to this terminal should be connected to the "Auto-Antenna" lead from the car stereo which will provide the +12 volts only when the car stereo is turned on. If the car stereo does not provide an Auto-Antenna lead, the remote turn-on lead may be wired to an "Accessory" or "Radio" terminal in the car's fuse block. This will turn the amplifier on and off with the ignition key, regardless of whether the car stereo is on or off. The remote turn-on lead does not carry large currents, so #20 gauge wire may be used for this application.



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